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An epic 60 episode animated edu-drama series via youtube that will be updated twice per month until December, 2012.

The series follows Peter as he joins the campus Druid grove with the purpose of spending time with his love interest, Sarah. Follow our hero as he is swept up in the internal dynamics, personal tragedies crises that threaten the grove.


 :huathe:New Moon in Uath-Hawthorne

Traveling through the Holy Land, eighteen strangers are forced to take refuge in Jerusalem during a militant attack. Kept in close quarters in an abandoned building, over the course of four days this group of strangers begin a dialogue, discussing love and evil, religion and god; finding amongst their number a mysterious nameless man who poses a revolutionary perspective on these age-old questions.

monotonous days
like a forgetful lazy dog
crawling into the shadow
unsleepy lonely nights
like a fearful little mouse
hiding for the owl
but the hazy hours                   
A russet brown streak shoots out of an alleyway
almost falling over my feet a bundle of fear and curiosity.
A young urban Fox all legs and lean body
taking to his heels he flees all the while wondering
what this apparition on two legs can be.
No countryside for this fine Reynard

And enjoy the Beltane inspired presentation from Malcolm Brown.

For more of Malcolm's Celtic/Folk music visit

Come yea, young maidens all,
Go gather blossoms for your hair,
Make the fellows dance and sing,
As it’s the first of May.

Come yea, young fellows all,
Go find a tree straight and tall,
Trim the branches make a top,
As it’s the first of May.

Come yea, maidens come yea all,
Gather ribbons of colours all,
Bind them together make a crown,
As it’s the first of May.

Come yea, fellows come yea all,
In the circle make a mark,
Plant the tree so straight and tall,
As it’s the first of May.