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The full Moon of Tinne (Holly) will cast light upon the celebration of Lughnasadh this
August 1st at 11:27 EDT. The Fire Festival of Lughnasadh is associated with the Sun in Leo and
with the Perseaid meteor showers. Lughnasadh recalls the turning point when migrating people
settled into farming communities. As the first of three harvest festivals, Lughnasadh gives

:tinne:  The next little Moon will be found in her home sign of Cancer. She likes to be in Cancer and
there is much about the sign of Cancer, which refers to her qualities as the queen of flux and
flow. Cancer is the sign of the oceans, and we often forget that this is a planet largely covered by
seawater. The Moon rules the tides of the ocean and the tides within us. Of course, the last full

The true story of a psychic adventure that turned into an uplifting spiritual pilgrimage. In June 1989,  the author began following a series of psychic messages and significant synchronicity that led him to discover the enigmatic mystery of St Bega, the sacredness of the British landscape and ultimately to experience the divine reality of the Celtic tradition of mysticism, miracles and magic.

Andy has recently published 2 ebooks available at

"The Monday Rebellion" is a free short story, that draws on the well-known rhyme about the days of the week - Monday’s child is fair of face etc - and tells what happens when the days of the week decide to rebel against the established ordering and slicing of reality.

First, let’s set the Poets’ league,
‘Tis not a thing Heaven has foreseen;
In formless silence the Poet dawns,
To call of Muse, the Poet forms.

There’s not a thing to do but listen,
As rhythmic aeons leave soul to glisten;
Thunderstruck once the Wild One,
Willingly leads your soul to song.

Stepped steeply into Nature’s weeping,
Finds fine the form of Tradition’s keeping;
A gardener of the endless soul,
Finely tuned tongue on endless roll.

Full Moon of Duir, July 3 at 2:52 pm EDT.

This full Moon will give us a special chance to experience the Uranus/Pluto square together!
Even if the particular degree of this square does not interact with your chart in a highly
significant way, the world around you will resonate with the square’s impact during the moment
of the full Moon. You can dance or shake with the motion reflected. As we watch inner and outer
events, we begin to learn the language of the stars in the way of our ancestors.