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Part of the mystery of our planet and her sister the Moon is the relationship between the
Sun and Moon during the year. The Moon rises highest during midwinter, while the Sun rises
very little. During midsummer the Sun rises to his greatest height while the Moon rises the least.
Right now at the time of the solstice, when the Sun is low on the horizon in Capricorn, the Moon
is sailing high in midsummer’s sign, Cancer. And so they reflect each other in a dance of

The Morrigan calls,
"Yes, Mother".
She births the dead,
She heals the slain
She wonders about
the worshipping of wars.

Isis searches
for hidden body parts,
that will bring
life to the land again,
"Yes Mother"

Mary weeps, "Yes Mother"
her son, the living-dead
wouldn't know her
for her Motherhood,
"Yes Mother"


Janelle Schneider is a mixed media fine artist as well as a digital painter or Surfacing Artist for feature films. Janelle has had a life fascination with mythology, symbolism, and the role of the subconscious in art and art making, and is currently studying both Shamanic and Druidic spiritual traditions. She is influenced by the writings and drawings of Carl Jung and the writings of Joseph Campbell, as well as the works of artists Frida Kahlo, Rothko, and Georgia O'Keefe. She's inspired by visions and dreams, indigenous wisdom, and the natural world and its forms.

Now it is time to honour a great mystery: of the seeded darkness and of the beauty of light reborn.
At this time of year, the sun which has warmed and lighted us through the turning seasons seems to stand still for several days.
This is the time of greatest darkness, but also the time of greatest hope: the time when we have the opportunity to be the most fertile in the depths of our soul.
In darkness is seeded the new.

The 2011 Census for the UK has just published their results for the Religion category, and those who stated their religion as ‘Druid’ comes out at 4189. Some other figures to enable a comparison: 56,620 selected ‘Pagan’, 23,566 as ‘Mixed Religion’ (an interesting category). ‘Wicca’ came out at 11,766.
Jokers had their day with 176,632 listing ‘Jedi Knight’ and 6,242 listing Heavy Metal as their religion.

Wednesday December 19
9pm Isabel's Quest with Marion Sibbons and Shaun Hayes, OBOD members
9.45pm Mahakala with Antonella Vicini


Our introductory film made by Kevin Redpath film has been selected for the Culture Unplugged film festival!

Read about everything that's been happenning in the world of Druidry and watch 6 film clips!