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The full Moon tonight will be a penumbral eclipse, but so slight as to be almost invisible.  Perhaps this will have a homeopathic effect, that is, the less there is, the more powerful the outcome.  Tonight’s Hawthorn Moon is also at perigee, i.e. closest to the earth, and in a straight line with the Sun and Earth (syzygy).

9pm Isabel's Quest with Cerri Lee
9.45pm Mahakala with Antonella Vicini
10.30 Sobre la Vida con Vykhn Harthaan

Here is a tale of two new Moons.  One took place April 10 and the other will occur
on May 9th.  In April we had a powerful lineup of planets in Aries, fiery, feisty,
and full of explosive energy.  The planet Mars, who ‘rules’ the sign of Aries was
there close to the Sun and Moon as was Venus, also in Aries.  Uranus the
revolutionary, and messenger of shock and sudden change added his demand for
immediate response.  Spring came with greenery but with explosion and earthquake as
well.  Here in Boston the viewpoint shifted from concern over threats of war to an