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It’s been a very good year for the well-known and much-loved scholar of Pagan, Druid and Wiccan history Professor Ronald Hutton. His wonderful TV series, Professor Hutton’s Curiosities is airing on Yesterday TV, and last week he was elected Fellow of the British Academy. Here is the news from the Bristol University website:

As soon as the Sun moves into Leo, on July 22, Moon enters the opposite sign, Aquarius. Sun and Moon create a gate into the Leo/Aquarius axis at 00 degrees. The two luminaries offer us a fresh start at the very moment of culmination in the Moon/Sun cycle! Leo is about the Sun’s full glory in the brightest and hottest days of summer while the full Moon in Aquarius balances that creative and fiery force with a deep concern for community and the social structures which support and yet limit our self expression. 

Each year the Order grants a scholarship for research in Druidism and related subjects. This year's paper by Dr.Karen Ralls has just been published and you can find it here:

The battle between the Oak King and the Holly King continues with this new cycle of the Moon.

Duir (Oak) is the Moon of the Summer Solstice, when the Sun at his height is wounded by the Holly King and begins his journey into the dark half of the year.  He will meet his nemesis again at the time of the Winter Solstice and regain his crown.