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How very special to have a New Moon on the first day of the New Year!  It gives an extra energy boost to the Solar-Lunar alignment of the day, for two calendars Solar (January 1) and Lunar (new Moon cycle) are, on this day, in sync.   We are given the gift of new beginnings, new alignments, and the integration of opposites twice over.  For the next few days we have the opportunity to focus our attention on what we want to manifest in this Moon cycle, which culminates on the full Moon of January 15, and this Solar cycle of 365 new days.             Capricorn is the sign where this meeting o

On Tuesday, December 17 at 4:28 EST, we have a full Moon in Gemini face to face with Sun in Sagittarius. The Sun is conjunct Gemini’s guiding planet, Mercury.  So these opposing signs are working together quite nicely. The full Moon takes place with the Sun a few degrees from the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius), a natural focus upon the earth at this moment.  This is an opportunity for spiritual messages, and communication about spirit!

The New Moon of Ruis gives the opportunity many of us need to rest and start anew after the whirlwind of the Thanksgiving/Hanukah celebration, the comet Ison’s journey to (or is it around) the Sun, and our collective reaction to the winds the earth has stirred up to remind us we live not only in our houses, but on a planet with powerful responses.