Celebrants can help to arrange Rites of Passage, such as Baby Namings and Blessings, Handfastings and Weddings, Funerals and Memorials. Specifically Druidic ones can be offered, but most celebrants will also help with ceremonies that are inspired by other approaches. Please note that all celebrants listed below are here at their own request, and although they are all members of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids, inclusion on this list in no way suggests an endorsement from the Order, or specific knowledge of the nature or quality of the services they provide. The Order is worldwide and we cannot monitor, assess or vouch for the services of the celebrants listed. Celebrants charge a fee for the time, energy and expertise they offer. Since you need to be assured that your ceremony will be the best it can be, ask any potential celebrant that you contact about their experience, training and past rites they have conducted, prior to deciding whether you wish to employ their services. If you want to send any feedback about these services please email celebrants@druidry.org

If you are a member and offer celebrancy services, and would like to be listed here, please send your entry to celebrants@druidry.org (Please note we may edit your entry for brevity and house style).
The Order also offers celebrancy training to members. See here.


Amanda Gibson
Currently an OBOD Ovate based in Tamborine, Australia, I am a qualified civil/funeral celebrant, authorised marriage celebrant and can also conduct baby namings, home/business blessings and many other life transitions. I have a professional background in customer service and publications writing/editing, and a personal background in performance and community education, but really came to celebrancy through my studies with OBOD. My gift as a celebrant is a passion for creating a unique experience as each ceremony is individual; it can be as spiritual or as secular as you need it to be, and includes research into traditions and rituals to help you put your personal stamp on your special day. Come visit me at ajgcelebrant.wordpress.com or email.

Jenneth Graham
As a qualified celebrant based in NSW, I chose to dedicate my life to ceremony, as ceremony is a deeply sacred act. I am strongly enthusiastic about bringing eco-ethical standards into my ceremonies, whereby every inclusion in the ceremony is either environmentally-sustainable, ethically-sourced, recycled, reused or repaired. When I craft a ceremony with someone, we explore all the ways to bring out the deeper meaning of the moment and the event being celebrated. Over the years since, I have been crafting ceremonies to mark womanhood, to mark the death of a loved one, to welcome new babies into the world, and to celebrate the love two people have for each other. As a celebrant, I can offer you legal wedding - and handfasting - ceremonies that include your Druid and Pagan beliefs.To all my ceremonies I bring:· A passion for ceremony & a wealth of ceremony experience · Authenticity, honesty, patience, respect & understanding · A creative heart & an organised mind· A sacred outlook to life & openness to spiritual expression in ceremony. You can visit me at www.TheGreenCelebrant.com.au or email me.

Elkie White
I am an authorized marriage celebrant living in Melbourne, Australia. As a Civil Marriage Celebrant under Australian law, I have a lot of freedom as there are only a few (albeit strict) requirements for a marriage to be deemed ‘legal’.  The bulk of the ceremony we are free to create as we wish – celebrant and couple together. I thoroughly enjoy this work as every wedding is unique and special. I am often asked to create a ceremony for a couple of mixed beliefs such as druid and something else, and I relish the process of working it out together so that everyone is happy with the outcome. As well as marriage ceremonies, I also conduct commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples, naming rites, and memorial services. I am also fully trained to conduct funerals. Contact me by email


Nele & Alel 

Greetings & Blessings!! Our names are Nele & Alel! For many years we were and still are walking the path of the Bard and the Ovate, without even knowing that they are a grade of a spiritual education. Our fundaments are in musical theatre, as trained singers, dancers, actors. Very soon we entered the challenging world of creative musical production, choreography and direction as well as the eyeopening and comforting world of meditation, yoga and healing arts. Now we are on the brink of fusing these sometimes contradicting polarities into one lifestyle of service and growth without boundaries as the masters of YOUR ceremonies! Our services include: marriages, baptisms, initiations, shows, parties, festive occasions, memorials, funerals & counsel. We have degrees in:Musical Theatre (Song, Dance, Acting, Music)   Reiki (3.grade Master) , Lomi (basic practioner lineage Aunty Margarete), Martial Arts & Meditation (Shinergy basic instructor) , Access Consciousness (Bars Practitioner), animal communication, Core Shamanism. We live in Austria/Vienna but have a strong calling for traveling. So keep in touch with us, we just might be on a tour around your corner. Our Email - Our Website and for ceremonies visit www.allinceremony.comThis is our latest project, The Celtic Flowerwedding, for people, who are new to the pagan world...(in 3 languages so it stays international...;)) The Flowerwedding-Song



Ingrid Betrand
I am a Belgian member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids since 2007, currently walking the Druid Grade. As a pagan, psychologist and psychotherapist, all of my ritual work is nature based and most of it is based on the Order’s methods and insights. In 2015 I’ve joined the OBOD
course on Funeral Celebrancy led by River Jones, and in Spring of that year I participated in a workshop on ‘The Art of Celebrancy’, led by Philip Carr-Comm and JJ Middleway. As a celebrant my goal is to create and perform ceremonies that reflect the importance of the natural life-changing events that people experience throughout their life. My life and work is based in the centre of the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, Vlaams-Brabant. If you ‘re interested in my work as a celebrant please visit my website: celebrating-life.be

Stefaan Devos
I joined the Order of Bards, Ovate and Druids in June 2012. During my childhood I had various paranormal experiences. Besides my work as a teacher, I work as card reader, clairvoyant and medium. I am of service as a Celebrant. I offer rituals and ceremonies for each feast of the Wheel of the Year, memorials, funerals, handfasting, naming or a Celebrancy service on personal request. I live in the flemish speaking part of Belgium but am also willing to travel to the South of the Netherlands, the North of France and the region of the UK that is near to the channel. Please contact me by Email.


Jayne Myatt
OBOD Druid grade graduate, co-founder of Chinook Hills Grove (Calgary), member of the Canadian Death Network, Calgary Holistic Death Network and Soul Coach Practitioner.
I offer a range of celebrancy services including; Rites of passage, home and workplace cleansing and blessings, civil partnerships and handfasting, beloved pet passing, end of life support and planning, celebration of life ceremonies including lost pregnancy and still born births plus etheric cord cutting for relationship endings and divorce.
I work closely with you to ensure that all ceremonies reflect your needs, hopes and beliefs.
In addition, I provide a range of support services and workshops including: timeline soul journeys, new moon circles, women’s self development group, sacred circle dance and 1:1 Soul Coaching.
Originally from the UK, I am now based in Calgary and High River serving a range of communities both urban and rural across southern and mid Alberta, Canada. Online support, guidance and coaching is available from the comfort of your home. Email.


Helene Bessoles 
I have been training with OBOD for ten years now, and am making my way towards the Druid grade. I have been very much involved in rite initiations for the Bardic grade, during OBOD camps in Great Britain. I have performed marriages ceremonies as well as a diversity of rites of passage (for babies and women in particular), burial rituals, along with seasonal rituals and their teachings. I like the ceremonies to be beautiful, colorful and when possible surrounded with music, incense and lustrations. Acquainted with both OBOD rites as well as Continental Druid rites, I can help you build a ceremony that will be very personnal, as well as rooted within the pagan tradition. I am available for Handfastings, Rites of Birth, etc. and am based in west southern France. Helene Bessoles, Naturopathie, Reiki - tel: website or email.

I am Dianann, OBOD Druid since 2007, I manage the tutoring for the French speakers and I am tutor of the druids. I am also the contact here, in connection with Holland. I celebrate the 8 holidays in Brittany with my grove, I also celebrate weddings, baptisms and funerals. I organize a big gathering every year in France.I invested a lot in the OBOD because I received a lot and I want to put myself at the service of others. Here is the website of my grove Sterenn ar Rho Du.

Eber (Dominique Paquot)
I am a Druid and OBOD mentor. I have been organising seasonal ceremonies in my grove in Lorraine for the last ten years, and I am a celebrant for weddings, baby blessings, rites of passage, and celebration of life ceremonies. We are in the east of France, between Metz and Strasbourg. Contact me by email    



Saga Grünwald
I was born at Beltaine 1969 and grew up in the Odenwald region in Germany. Now I live in Solingen. I am a “Order of Bards Ovates and Druids” Druid grade graduate and serve as a tutor. To conduct ceremonies and rituals like those of the eight seasonal festivals, but also consecration of new homes, incense rituals, healing ceremonies and many others are an inherent part of my practice. To broaden and complete my knowledge I continued my studies with the “School of Celebrancy” and am holding a certificate for the training course „Celebrating Life“.
I develop every ceremony, every ritual together with my client/clients. Your wishes and aims are the basis to plan your personal ceremony to celebrate a particulary experience, a passage, a twist of fate or a parting as a very special moment, which you can share with friends and family or only with me as your celebrant.
I advise you on the time flow of the ceremony, help you find the right place and date and how to decorate your chosen spot, whether you like to do it alone with me, invite friends or family to take part, or if you like the whole gathering to be involved
As an celebrant I want to create a ceremony with which you feel perfectly alright and which you realise entirely as your own.
If you wish we can integrate facets of your spiritual path or combine several spiritual traditions.
As an author and journalist I am able to support you in phrasing your speech or vows or blessings. I can give you advice how you find the right words to express yourself.
Take a look at my website: www.gruenwald-greenwood.de for more informations or write to me: celebrant@gruenwald-greenwood.de


Volkert Volkmann
I am a Druid living in the woods of  middle Germany. As a natural healer (Heilpraktiker) I practice many different ways, working with herbal plants, etheric oils, massage, chiropractic and so on. My interest is to built up the energy of  body, mind and spirit in cases of illness or personal times of change. Doing this I use traditional music with drums, Celtic Harp and Nyckelharpa, singing and dancing, also Mask Performances, Events and mental awareness training.
I organize Rites of Passage like Blessings, Name-Giving, Weddings, Funerals, and personal and group healing ceremonies, Keltic Sweat Houses and 'Gabhar Teine' Fire ceremonies. Interested? Contact  Volkert  by email  website     

Daniel McKenzie
I have been practising Western Mystery Traditions for more than 15 years, but nature based mysteries and spirituality have always been close to my heart. As an active member of OBOD, I run workshops, talks and ceremonies here in Northern Germany and serve as a councillor for the wider pagan community.
I have acted as celebrant for many occasions over the last years doing mostly weddings, house blessings and memorial services. The later are something very dear to me as I am also an obituary writer and speaker at funerals.
My aim with any of these services is to ensure that the ceremonial experience is exactly as the participants wish it to be. I offer advice and consultation, especially when it comes to finding a language to bridge diverse beliefs and customs in a group were different spiritual views are present. I am very happy to travel so don‘t be shy to contact me even if you live far away.
I also work as a professional storyteller, spreading the bardic heritage of myth and legend to a wider audience. With good contacts to the pagan and medieval music scene I can help your plan and realise a very special event. To discuss your ideas and requirements just contact me by email or facebook.


Eimear Burke  
I aim to help you to go through your rite of passage in a way that is full of personal meaning for you, your relatives and friends. As a starting point I offer a template which you can modify to include your own ideas,  symbols and readings. My approach is fluid, flexible and interested in your life journey. I am available for baby welcoming/naming ceremonies, age of reason ceremonies for older childhood, teenage/first moontime ceremonies, handfastings & weddings, separations and funerals. The venue is your choice. The ceremony can be outdoors in the wild, at a hotel, in my own druid grove at Three Castles or other suitable location. You can contact me by email or Tel: +353567767142 . My website can be found here

Paul Corcoran
I am a certified celebrant with the Irish Institute of Celebrants, a Druid-grade graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and an experienced public speaker. I enjoy crafting and creating ceremonies that are memorable and heartfelt.   I have been facilitating seasonal ceremonies across Ireland for many years.  I am professional and I will work with you to design a beautiful and bespoke ceremony to celebrate your wedding, baby naming, or any rite of passage you wish to celebrate. I am based in the south west of Ireland and I am happy to travel for your ceremony.  I would be delighted to hear from you.   Contact me on paulthecelebrant.ie or email info@paulthecelebrant.ie

Luke Eastwood

I have been on the Druid path for many years and have been involved in many organisations and events during that time. I completed my OBOD training in 2011 and I now live in the south west of Ireland. I am available for all Druidic ceremonies - handfastings, baby namings, last rites and funerals. In all cases I aim to tailor the ceremony to your individual needs to provide a truly special occasion. My rituals have a Druidic format but I am happy to accommodate other spiritual paths and customize ceremonies as appropriate. I try to be as reasonable as possible with rates as I believe that spiritual services should be available to all people, regardless of their financial situation. Please email me if you'd like to discuss a ceremony. info@lukeeastwood.com

Annette Peard
Annette started her spiritual path in earnest 24 years ago, learning body and Indian head massage, metamorphic technique and becoming a Reiki Master. She discovered Shamanism twelve years ago, which changed her life. She is a trained Shamanic Counselor and Practitioner and has attended many shamanic workshops and rituals both here in Ireland and abroad with indigenous shamans. She was made a Peace Elder by Lakota Chief Mary Thunder in 1999 at the Four Directions Conference in Texas. She has trained with Grof Transpersonal Training to be a Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. She is also a member of OBOD, a practicing Druid and member of a Grove. She is available for one-to-one sessions for shamanic counseling and healing (soul retrieval, extraction and journeying), Reiki, rituals and druidic ceremonies. Email.

Martin Duffy
Martin is the director of the OakTree Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization that runs the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies and The Transpersonal Institute at Dunderry Park. The Centre is dedicated to promoting and preserving shamanic traditions from around the world, particularly those of the pre-Celtic and Celtic era. Contemporary Transpersonal approaches are also taught at the centre. Martin has worked as a mental health care professional since 1977. He is a member of OBOD and an accredited transpersonal /Jungian psychotherapist. He has trained in various forms of consciousness raising methods including Holotropic Breathwork, Dreamwork, Trance dancing and Firewalking. His grandfather and mother are traditional folk healers and he is following in their footsteps. His work is influenced by the Druid traditions of ancient Ireland. He has done fieldwork with indigenous Shamans from Mongolia, Mexico, the Amazon, Andes, and Africa and also has trained in core Shamanism with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies (U.S.A.) and the Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies. Martin brings warmth and compassion to his shamanic practice. He has strong values with regards integrity, honesty and openness, in particular he believes in empowering the individual to find healing, knowledge and wisdom within themselves. He is available for one to one sessions for Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Shamanic Counseling, soul retrieval, extraction work, shamanic healing and ceremonies. To book a one to one session with Martin, call 046 9074455


Hagal Renato Mancini
I am following the Druid path for over twenty years and during this time I acted as celebrant in various rituals of handfasting, naming and memorials. I support and facilitate the organization of the rituals of the eight festivals for the Italian Druid Order as well as workshops and talks. Over the past ten years I worked to help people in search of self awareness and their potential by connecting with the elements and reconnecting with the natural world.
In 2009, together with others, I founded the Italian Druid Order  - Il Bosco dell'Awen (The Awen Grove) with the intention to spread  druid thought and philosophy, also through the distribution of the OBOD course. I can help with rites anywhere in Italy. Contact me by email

Andrea RomanazziI am a Shaman (Core Shamanism and Nepalese Shamanism) and a OBOD Druid. I started my spiritual path about 30 years ago and I have written many books on Spiritual and Magical Traditions. I offer a Celebrant service to help people move through rites of passage such as baby welcoming/naming ceremonies, initiation name, handfastings and funerals. I can also help to discover and meet individual spirit helpers in nonordinary reality, awakening spiritual abilities, including connections with Nature. I can execute these functions in Italy. Please contact me by email. For other information you can visit my website.

Paolo Veneziani (Bran)
I am a Druid and OBOD mentor. I have been organising seasonal ceremonies in my grove the" Cerchio di Anu" . I am a celebrant for weddings, baby blessings, rites of passage, and celebration of life ceremonies and can travel anywhere in area of Northern Italy. Please contact me by email.





Peter van Doorn
I am a Dutch member of OBOD since 2002, and currently in the Druid grade. I’m not only walking the Druid path, but also the path of traditional witchcraft as a highpriest. My ritual work is based on nature, druidry, witchcraft and shamanism. In 2016 I followed both OBOD courses on celebrancy (“Serving the Living and the Dead” and “Celebrating Life”), both led by River Jones. I love to work with people at key points in their lives, handfastings, namings, divorce, house-blessings, funerals etc., and all other rites of passage. Interested? Then please visit my website: www.paganweddingplanner.nl. I offer myservices in the Holland and Belgium area and am willing to travel to the UK.

New Zealand

Ady Chapman
Ady brings a range of experiences and skills with him to inform his celebrant work.  He has trained in a range of spiritual practices, which are historically, culturally and theologically informed, over the last 20+ years.  He initially trained in the UK with various international groups and experts, and since 2006 has continued his training in Aotearoa/New Zealand, along with his wife. Ady can work with you to develop meaningful, unique celebrations and occasions to meet your needs.  Ady usually works alongside his wife both behind the scenes and for public and private events, and they have together created and officiated many types of unions, passing's, rights of passage, workshops and gatherings.

Acorn Celebrancy is informed by:
- Client oriented respect and regard
- Respect for individually meaningful beliefs
- A wide and embracing range of spiritual practices
- A wide and embracing range of cultural practices and knowledge
- Passion and love for the arts
- Unique self expression

Ady embraces people from all walks of life, and welcomes people to contribute to events that truly capture their unique spirit, their passions, their interests, beliefs and expressions of art and music and culture. You can contact him in Aotearoa/New Zealand at adychappy@gmail.com or on his mobile 0064 21 027 29604.

Anne Conroy
My focus as a civil celebrant is with loss and grief. The bulk of my work is therefore funerals, sometimes referred to as transitional or end-of-life ceremonies.  However I also craft and perform the following: handfastings, baby naming and adult renaming’s, cleansing and blessing the home, personal healing rituals, rites of passage, transitions through crisis, and work related ceremonies as requested. As a member of the Grove of the Summer Stars, Aotearoa, I also participate in seasonal and full moon ceremonies. It therefore goes without saying that all my ceremonies have a strong spiritual base which is expressed on varying levels, reflecting on the needs of the client.
Life is a series of transitions, and the final one in the apparent world deserves our full spiritual attention. Bringing together a funeral ceremony usually takes place after death has occurred but there are times when funerals are pre-planned and it is a great privilege to be part of this process. Liaising closely with funeral directors is important to me to ensure the families’ we work with receive the very best professional care possible to make a difficult time as stress free as possible. With deep listening, compassion, and integrity, I work at a pace the family can manage to create a ceremony that meets their needs; one that lovingly and respectfully honours the one they have lost in the physical world. Venue can be a large part of how the ceremony unfolds, as does the active involvement of family and friends as they feel able.
Finding fresh and relevant resources is high on my list of priorities as every ceremony is crafted specifically for that individual. I particularly like to draw on the rich and abundant material from New Zealand writers if that is appropriate.
I gained my Certificate in Celebrant Studies in 2005 and furthered my training in 2007 by completing a Certificate in Applied Grief when I realised my interest, and strength, was in the field of loss and grief. As an active member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand (CANZ) I am committed to ongoing professional development for myself, which I undertake in both New Zealand and overseas, and networking with other celebrants.
While most of my work is in Wellington City, New Zealand, I also cover the greater Wellington area and happily travel further afield if requested, travel costs additional.
For further contact details please visit my website.

Pamela Meekings-Stewart
I am a registered Marriage Celebrant and Civil Union Celebrant in Aotearoa New Zealand. I was registered in 2005 and have been re-registered every year since. My home territory covers Wellington to Otaki in the North Island but I am happy to travel further afield if travel costs are covered. I am also able to arrange contact for weddings and civil unions at Stonehenge Aotearoa in the Wairarapa with myself as Celebrant.
I offer Druid, pagan and alternative spirituality ceremonies and work with couples to create their own unique ceremony. What I usually do, once I have been booked as Celebrant, is have a conversation with the couple and then send a suggested outline of a ceremony created uniquely for them and then it is completely up to them to add, delete, change and make it their own. Or if they prefer, I send a suggested outline and we go from there.
As a Druid and committed to a spiritual life, the work is important to me. Couples continue to ask for my services and very much appreciate the gentle spiritual aspect of the ceremonies I help them put together. As to costs: my services as Celebrant are $300 plus 15% GST, i.e. $NZ345 - that's for all consultation plus the ceremony on the day. I also offer civil ceremonies for namings and funerals.
Contact me by email

Adrian Phillips
Wild Bill Druid of OBOD, I am a licenced Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant and can offer a range of ceremonies to meet the needs of those who seek an ancient European Connection, Pagan, Druidic style of Wedding, Civil Union, Hand Fasting etc.  I also cater for Funeral Services, Naming Ceremonies, Blessings of Homes, Businesses and Ventures within the Central and Lower North Island. I welcome a call and discussion about your own needs and cater to these accordingly.
I am passionate about my Druidic walk, History, Natural History and the Outdoors and well connected with local and pagan communities. Please make contact in the way that works best for you from the following: Telephone:021487497; email or P.O Box 91, Ashhurst, Palmerston North, New Zealand 4810. For more info go to my website  or my blog . I would love to hear from you. Yours Under the Sacred Oaks.


Britta Holden
I celebrate the seasons with a small group of people in the Zurich area and offer my services as a celebrant. I also teach History and Spanish to sixth form students and get a lot of joy from working with asylumseekers and refugees.
I love drafting and conducting rituals – be it for a single person, a small group or a larger circle – on top of a mountain, in your home, in a hired hall...Besides the more frequent events I have received requests to bless a plot of land where a home was to be built, to cleanse a house after a painful break up had happened, to reassure a young person going on a long trip – a ceremony can help to reassure and mark such moments. I was raised in Switzerland and later studied Cultural Anthropology and History in Zurich, Berlin and Mexico. In my work I was lucky enough to travel and learn about different cultures and their ceremonies and celebrations. I worked in Asia and Africa for international aid agencies and in Production Management for documentaries in the UK where I lived for twelve years. It was in Bristol I got involved with OBOD-Druid studies and the Dobunni Grove. I was always interested in the way people mark transitions - whether in a traditional religious context or in more open, inclusive forms of spirituality or even in a completely secular way. I completed the training courses with River Jones, Celebrating Life, on family celebrations, and Serving the Living and the Dead – conducting funeral ceremonies. If you are looking for an English speaking celebrant in the Northeast or Central Switzerland I would be delighted to hear from you. www.anamcara.info

United Kingdom

Karem Barratt 
I have been an eclectic Pagan for over 20 years. I am a member of the OBOD and was recently ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I craft ceremonies for all of life’s passages, including “bump” blessings, baby namings, wedding blessings and hand fastings, spiritual healing ceremonies, funerals and memorials.  I work with people’s spiritual beliefs, world views and values, to create ceremonies that reflect, respect and honour who they really are. Ceremonies can be Pagan, non-denominational or secular and they can include aspects from different traditions, be they spiritual, artistic or cultural. I mainly cover the Essex and East London area, but I’m happy to travel further afield. For more information, please contact me here or visit my website.

Eva Bay Greenslade
I am really passionate about creating ceremonies, especially for rites of passage.  I am also a birth doula, so a lot of my experience is working with women.  I have also enjoyed facilitating Pagan handfasting and baby naming ceremonies.  
I will offer you a ceremony that feels right for you, I will work with you to write a ceremony that comes from your heart.   Your ceremony is a big event and rite of passage within your life to remember always, I will help you honour that and all you wish to include.
Whilst my experience is mainly from a Pagan background, I will help you to explore different traditions you can include and really enjoy learning about different traditions and cultures.  I will do my best to honour what is in your heart for your ceremony and create it so it is understood by every guest present, from all walks of life.  
I will spend time with you leading up to the ceremony, planning and ensuring all is as you wish. 
I live in Brighton, East Sussex, and I am willing to travel. If you are interesting in seeing if I am the right celebrant for you, please contact me on evabaydoula@mail.com or you can visit my current website www.sacredmotherhoodjourneys.com

Sandy Buckle

I have been a member of OBOD for over 10 years and finished my journey through the Druid Grade in 2016. Living on Dartmoor in Devon in am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful sites for ceremonies such as hand-fastings, weddings, vow renewal, child naming, funerals and other significant days or life transitions and am also happy to travel to other areas in the South West of England.
I was inspired by the OBOD “Celebrate! Gathering” to expand my work as a Celebrant and am now also a member of The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants.
My background as a children’s nurse has given me a particular interest in including children in ceremonies of all types.
Having worked in palliative care I am also keen to help children who are affected by the death of someone they were close to or a companion animal and can advise on ways to help them at these difficult times.
The formation of a family through adoption or a new parental relationship can be made very special when marked by a ceremony and can help adjustment into this new phase.
My ceremonies are crafted specifically for you and can be based in my Druidic / nature based pathway or placed within a wider spiritual framework. They will always be designed in partnership with you to suit your individual needs on these special days. Email - Phone:07818065382. Website.

Penny Billington 
Penny has been an active members of OBOD since the early 1990s and is a Druid celebrant with a wealth of practical experience of facilitating ceremony, celebration and life-rites for both the Druid and wider community. Penny's approach is inclusive, crafting with the participants a satisfying experience that will be personal and deeply symbolic, yet will take account of the needs of family and friends that they might understand, support and enjoy the event. Penny provides celebrant services in the South West. She enjoys discussing aspects of ceremony with those in search of a spiritual alternative for any personally significant event, without obligation. FFI Penny: touchstone@druidry.org


Nimue Brown 
I have studied with OBOD through to the Druid Grade and have led public and private ritual for years. I work in the Gloucester area, UK. My preference is informal and bardic Druidry, creating inclusive ritual in the moment, incuding ritual for groups that are not druidic, or not wholly pagan. I can and will work with scripts, but I am a more suitable celebrant for people who favour spontaneous celebration and informality. email

Mark Buxton
An OBOD Druid living in the sunny (damp) town of Wigan in the Northwest of England, I'm a practicing celebrant and work with both the Setantii Grove and Nos Coryn Seed group.  As well as this I'm a blogger, podcaster and magical tool maker. I'm also an initiated Wiccan, long term witchcraft practitioner and have a personal working style that is far more animistic and shamanic than anything else. It's pretty common to find me leading public rituals, both formally and off the cuff.  For me the Joy of Celebrancy is working alongside people at the key points in their lives: namings, dedications, handfastings, funerals and rites of passage. Helping to make things run smoothly, with a gentle humour and steadying words. I'm available for all of the above and am more than happy to travel if needed. It's important to me to make every ceremony bespoke to the participants, making sure that wishes and traditions are well reflected in their ceremonies. Feel free to drop me an email at Spirallingleaf@gmail.com or a phone call via 07783409738.

Ellie Douglas (Elemental Heart)
Based in Fife, covering central Scotland, occasionally further afield by arrangement. I am happy to work with any rite of passage, formal or informal (individual, couple, family, group) and tailored to individual requirements, including but not limited to: Baby Welcome/Naming, Adoption, Family merger/recommitment, Celtic Handfasting, Wedding celebrations (non-legal ceremony - registrar service also required), Renewal of Vows, Separation/Divorce ceremony, Coming of Age, Elder Acknowledgement, Funeral, Letting Go after Bereavement and various other forms of Moving On. Any time in life where a change in life needs witnessing, support, celebration or just a transition marker.
I am an experienced shamanic practitioner, firewalk instructor, drum circle and workshop leader, also offering spiritual support, reiki, breathwork, counselling, psychotherapy, conflict mediation, massage therapy/bodywork and coaching alongside celebrant services. Registered professional practitioner with experience and particular interest in spirituality in all forms, holistic natural approaches to living and dying, and the importance of doing things in ways which have real meaning to us. One of the founder members of the Scottish Independent Celebrants Association (SICA) formed 2011. Current member of OBOD and studying druidry at Ovate level. More than happy to work within druidic, other pagan or religious/non-religious personalised belief framework of each client to build a unique and meaningful ceremony for every special occasion and moment of transition. To discuss your ideas and requirements without obligation contact me by email

Chelsea Duke
I am an independent professional Celebrant crafting bespoke ceremonies, reflecting the personality, beliefs and interests of the family or couple involved.  I have led Druid ceremonies, as well as spiritual or totally non-religious services.  Each ceremony I write is created specifically for that individual or couple so it is genuinely unique and tailored to you.  I am based in Winchester, Hampshire and will celebrate services in the surrounding areas of Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and Sussex but am also prepared to travel further afield if required, offering funerals, memorial services, marriage celebrations, or handfasting.  I am also a qualified Funeral Director providing funeral consultancy should you wish to limit the involvement of a Funeral Director or need advice on how to manage a DIY funeral.  I am a Bardic Grade OBOD member and work with the Sylvan Grove in the New Forest.  It’s important to me to find beautiful words to honour a life or to celebrate love and I’m passionate about creating meaningful and personal ceremonies.  I really enjoy working with those who want to create a unique and memorable ceremony, perhaps in a non-traditional venue.  For more information, please email chelsea@winchestercelebrant.co.uk or see my website www.winchestercelebrant.co.uk.

Dennis Hazenbroek (Druid Donagh MacBran)
Dennis is a Druid Graduate and mentor for OBOD.
All my ceremonies are personally written for you with your personal input. You always will have the final say. I have a number of basic scripts, but I will work with you so that you can choose what you want included or excluded. I am a experienced celebrants, and am happy to work with you whatever faith, or no faith, you may be.
My aim is that whatever the occasion, as many of your friends and family can join in as you wish. I create roles so that those who wish to take an active part can do so. I aim to make the ceremony special. Children are very welcome, and I can create roles for them too. I do not believe in ‘going through the motions’ of a ceremony any more than you do. I work in Largs and the surrounding area of North Ayrshire. Please visit my website for more information.


Ursula Holden Gill

Ursula is a Family Celebrant based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. She joined the OBOD in 2010 and since then has been made a graduate member of The Druid Grade, The School of Celebrancy and Modron of The Pendle Grove in Lancashire. In recent years, the skills Ursula has gained through her experiences with the Order, coupled with her professional ones in theatre making, writing and performance have led her to specialise further in tailoring bespoke, inclusive ceremonies for groups, couples and individuals alike; people of all walks of life, preferences, budgets and belief systems. Ursula relishes collaboration and loves shaping stories, reflecting what adventures people have been on, their authenticity and what dreams they might hold for the future. She predominantly works in West Yorkshire, across Lancashire and Greater Manchester but is perfectly happy to travel further afield. To discuss your event with Ursula please contact her via ursulaholdengill@gmail.com or on 07811 646 479.


Caz Isted
I am a Druid Celebrant and have experience of acting as celebrant at both handfastings and naming ceremonies for both large circles and smaller intimate circles, with both pagan and non pagan attendees. My aim as a celebrant is to ensure that the ceremony experience is exactly as the couple/family wish it to be, while offering advice and suggestions if required. I am currently walking the Ovate Grade with OBOD and I have also led a Bardic Grove for several years holding large, intimate and public seasonal celebrations. I hail from the West Midlands area and I am happy to travel outside of the West Midlands area. You are welcome to contact me further details by email. 

Gill Kavanagh 
I am a Funeral Celebrant and trained with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, a member of the Natural Death Centre, and Ovate Grade. I work with you to create a beautiful personalised ceremony, one that honours your loved one passing and celebrates their life in a meaningful way to bring comfort and healing. I was called to do this work following several bereavements in my own family and organising their funeral service.
A Funeral is the last honour we can give our loved one who has passed away. It is one of the last remaining ceremonies and it is a very important ritual that assists in the grieving process by being allowed to say our goodbyes and accept that our loved one has moved on in their soul’s journey, whilst being supported by family and friends. Whether you wish for your ceremony to be in indoors or outdoors I can accommodate your wishes. Whilst I follow an earth-based spirituality, I am guided by you to reflect your beliefs and wishes in the service. 
I have many years experience of ceremony, ritual and rites of passage. I have run several spiritual Druid Shamanic based retreats, conducted large outdoor ceremonies and brought the World Peace Drum to Anglesey to honour the Druids who died there in a weekend residential retreat. My druid shaman facebook page allows me to express myself with creative writing to inspire the soul through the wheel of the year. I also sing and run sacred singing workshops and use to sing with the Philharmonia Chorus in London. I am based in Lancashire in the North West and cover Greater Manchester and South Cumbria, I can travel further afield.
For more information or to discuss further please call Tel 01254 831 629 mobile 07720889472  or contact me via Email: info@gillkavanagh.com. Website: www.gillkavanagh.com

Bo McAllister
I am an Independent Funeral celebrant and Soul Midwife, and member of the Ovate grade.  I offer beautiful, individualised ceremonies that honour and celebrate a life and mark the crossing of a threshold within a soul’s journey. Working closely with families and friends, I weave together different threads of a person’s life tapestry, to create an authentic funeral service that gives voice to the wider community of all those who loved them. As a Soul Midwife, I work with individuals and their loved ones at any stage of the dying process, to promote a gentle, sacred and loving death. Drawing on a range of therapeutic techniques, I will acknowledge and support your individual needs as you travel on your journey towards the sacred threshold. Based within East Devon, I am also available for funeral ceremonies within the wider area of Devon, Dorset and Somerset. All enquiries please email me.

Debbie Merritt I am a Druid Graduate and mentor for OBOD, and a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. All of my ceremonies are personally written for you. I have a number of basic scripts, but I will work with you so that you can choose what you want included or excluded. I are experienced celebrant, and am happy to work with you whatever faith or no faith you may be. My wedding blessings have been described as Celtic Spiritual weddings, make of that what you will, but I am delighted!
My aim is that whatever the occasion, as many of your friends and family can join in as you wish. I create roles so that those who wish to take an active part can do so. I know from feedback from our clients that this is what makes the ceremony so special, and that those who have had a special part to play remember it especially fondly. Children are very welcome, and I can create roles for them too.
I draw upon my own spiritual journey to create the magic and mystery that makes true ceremony so special. I do not believe in ‘going through the motions’ of a ceremony any more than you do, and know that our clients are looking for something deep and meaningful. I have conducted ceremonies throughout Devon and Cornwall, please visit my website for more information:www.specialdaysinspecialways.co.uk 

JJ Middleway

An OBOD tutor for the past 15 years, I have wide experience of conducting rites of passage ceremonies, and bespoke rituals, over the last 19 years. These include, but are not limited to, Namings/Baby Blessings, Handfastings/Weddings, and Parting/Funeral services. I aim for simplicity, depth, authenticity, spontaneity and fun – a rich mix of reverence and of mirth. These range from small, informal back garden affairs, to very large and high profile events. It has been and remains, my privilege to serve all walks of life and all paths (or none). I enjoy meeting with participants and working together to produce what is always, in my experience, a unique and deeply moving ritual. Whilst lovingly rooted in the Earth and in Mother Nature, and richly influenced by Druidry, the services I offer encompass considerable influences from Buddhist, Sufi and other sacred traditions. Most times, my services are not so much openly Druidic as inclusive 'Celebrations of Life'. I also offer witnessing/ listening/healing and mediation. Based in Gloucestershire but but will travel anywhere in UK or beyond. email. Website.

Lorraine Munn
I am a mentor with OBOD, and an ordained minister with the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. I have acted as Celebrant for many occasions over the last 20 years, from baby namings, wedding blessings and handfastings, rites of passage, and celebration of life ceremonies (funerals and memorials). My experience extends to running workshops and giving talks on related topics, and I organise seasonal festivals and ceremonies on a regular basis for small intimate groups to very large public gatherings.
I love to create and facilitate unique and special ceremonies that will make the occasion stand out from the ordinary - marking those significant moments in life that only happen once. The usual pattern is for a draft ceremony to be produced after a full discussion, which can then refined and added to.  This is offered as a service so at all times the person or people involved have full control over what is happening (unless some aspect is meant as a surprise of course!)
An additional skill is that my interfaith training enables me to find the language and words to bridge beliefs and customs which is helpful when families hold differing spiritual views or have none at all. I am also available for one-to-one spiritual counselling (this can be conducted by phone), and life choice counselling.  I am based in the west of England and am willing to travel. In the first instance, email.

Leonore Newson
I have recently completed the Funeral Celebrancy course with other OBOD members, and am a member of OBOD in the Druid grade. I have already taken part in various ceremonies and enabled celebrations such as handfastings, as well as other rites of passage ceremonies and now can add funeral ceremonies to these. I can comfortably work with any rite of passage ceremony in a supportive and caring way, working with you to create your personal ceremony, including as many of your ideas and wishes as are possible. Your ceremony can be indoors or not, depending on your preference. This is your ceremony and I will do my very best to make it so. Much of my life experiences are drawn from some forty-odd years practicing as a Registered Nurse, supporting people through the highs and lows which make up our life cycles.  My spiritual pathway is heavily influenced by the sacred nature which is all around us. I live in Devon, but can travel if required.  I can be contacted without any obligation and I will be happy to help you if I can. Email me at : leonorenewson@gmail.com or Telephone : 07595 392218

Janel Rakow
I have been a member of OBOD since 1997. Area East Sussex. In service I offer support for those who require a Pagan celebration of life ceremony. A ceremony will be held that is both personal and tailored to your requirements and can include: support in planning one's own funeral; conducting a full funeral service or delivering a reading that may be requested within a service; memorials; a short ceremony for the scattering or burying of ashes. Contact by email

Adrian Rooke
My name is Adrian Rooke.  I am an accredited counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists and a spiritual healer.  I am a member of the Druid grade and have been an OBOD member for over 20 years.  I have served as a tutor and the press liaison officer for OBOD for over 10 years. For many years I have had the great privilege of running many beautiful ritualistic retreats with the aim of deepening and enhancing people’s life journey.  It was therefore a natural and joyful progression in my life to expand into offering celebrations of births, marriages and the ultimate conclusion of life, which is death. I came to celebrancy work many years ago as a result of feeling very unsatisfied with the very limited funeral options presented to my family at the time of my mother’s death.  I felt that we deserved more empathy, and a sense of being heard, so decided to do the funeral myself.  It was a very powerful experience and as a consequence, I was asked to conduct a friend’s funeral, which was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of.  The feedback was so positive from the family that I decided to study the whole process involved in the conducting of funerals (including the OBOD funeral celebrant’s course) and to offer my services to the wider community.
I bring to the funeral my own sense of awe and respect each unique life and for the transition of this life to death. The essence of the entire funeral service is the honouring and expression of the wishes and memories of the family. I deeply believe that it is so important to listen carefully to the family, and weave the stories and memories into a beautiful ritual that honours the deceased with warmth and compassion and joy. The service can include hymns or songs, prayers, poems, reflections and anecdotes from those special to the person. This can be created into a deeply spiritual celebration or equally it can simply honour the person with no religious content whatsoever.  Whatever the choice, the celebration will be deeply honouring of the person who has just passed. I come from Bristol and I am able to cover most of the west country region, I am also willing to travel if the situation required it. Contact me at adeoftheoldways@hotmail.co.uk - tel: 07950316218 or 01275542369 . Website. Testimonial for by Heather & Jim Ramsay for Adrian Rooke - Handfasting Celebrant 26th May 2018. Where to begin to give thanks to Adrian to show how magnificent he was as our Handfasting Celebrant. His calm support and guidance whilst encouraging Jim and I to plan our ceremony as we wanted. His readiness to share his experiences and wisdom whilst drawing upon our own. His patience and easy manner. Adrian always gave us his time. On the day of our Handfasting Ceremony at Stanton Drew stone circle he was beautifully organised. His very presence was reassuring and calming. He managed our 129 guests with clear guidance and kindness. His Energy shon through him. His passion for his role on our very special day emanated. He oozed with Ceremonial Grandeur. What greater Blessing upon our day to have Adrian Rooke as our Handfasting Celebrant. He gave us incredible memories on a Unique and wonderous day. Thank you from our hearts Adrian. You helped us join as one in our favourite place with our favourite people. Blessed be to Adrian and all lucky enough to call him their Celebrant and most of all our friend.

Harriet Sams
Harriet is a Druid, celebrant and ritualist based in the north of England, covering counties Durham, Cumbria and North Yorkshire. Harriet is delighted to offer weddings, handfastings, baby naming, and rituals of transition. She will work with you to create a unique ceremony that reflects your needs, be them deeply spiritual, fun, quirky or wild, and will weave a sense of significance of the transition from one way of being to another, in a meaningful, compassionate manner. Harriet also offers funeral celebrancy or end-of-life rituals.  Please contact her on 07720390065 or at teesdalehealing@gmail.com.

Revd Paul Sandford
OBOD Druid graduate, ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor with a practice based in Hertfordshire. I am very willing to work throughout the UK and abroad by arrangement with you. Offering beautiful and personalised ceremonies to honour and celebrate one's special moments in life. (Weddings, Civil Partnerships and Vow Renewals). Celebrating the blessings of new life, through a naming ceremony. To honour the passage of death, through heartfelt Funerals and Memorials. I maybe also available for bedside vigils and spiritual care for the dying, for which I am a volunteer Hospital Chaplain at West Hertfordshire Hospitals. My speciality is within Earth-based traditional forms of ceremony, drawing from years of officiating at Celtic inspired Handfast Ceremonies, Baby Blessings and Tree Burials. email


Sue Skillings

Independent Cornish Celebrant. Working with you to explore your life journey, your hopes, dreams and beliefs, I will ensure your ceremony is written to properly reflect and honour who you are and suited to your chosen setting. Your ceremony does not have to be Pagan and can involve your family and friends whatever their age. I will liaise directly with them and can also help with the writing of readings, pledges and vows. I have been a member of OBOD since 1989; I am a Druid graduate and an OBOD trained Family Celebrant. I create and conduct a range of unique ceremonies for weddings, handfasting and baby naming; welcoming for older children, rites of passage and bespoke blessings. I cover the whole of Cornwall and I am prepared to travel further afield by arrangement. You can contact me to discuss your ideas on:  independentcornishcelebrant@gmail.com or visit my website for further information and testimonials: www.independentcornishcelebrant.co.uk.


Adrienne Thomas
I am a fully qualified and experienced Civil Celebrant able to conduct funeral, memorial, wedding, renewal of vows, baby naming, hand fasting, and civil partnership  ceremonies. I have completed the Bardic level of the OBOD training and am about to embark on the next level of study. I am based in East Sussex , but happy to travel  in order to work with  anyone  who would like a unique, creative, ceremony to mark a transitional event in their life.
I am passionate about community, inclusivity and empowerment and work very closely and at length with people to ensure that all their needs are met, that they have exactly what they need and want whilst offering guidance in what might also be possible in putting together a fitting ceremony.
I have a collection of ideas and materials from many different sources which reflect the Druidic way of being and acknowledge our connection to spirit and the power of the elements, including Celtic, Native American, Buddhist, Pagan and some forms of Christian Mysticism, but feel open to all and everything that points us towards the light joyfulness of collective ritual. The balance between joy and solemnity is at the heart of a truly meaningful ceremony so music, poetry, song and dance are all welcome!
I come from an arts and  drama background; have a powerful speaking and singing voice and am happy to follow whatever dress code suits the occasion.
Please visit my website for more info and contact information.

Mark Townsend
I am a member of OBOD and a Progressive / Eclectic Christian Priest. I served within the Church of England for over a decade but now offer myself in a broader and more inclusive way. I have over fifteen years’ experience of creating and performing special ceremonies for people from a variety of spiritual paths and traditions – including many who do not fit within any particular religious ‘box.’ Often people see themselves as spiritual (and believers in God / Goddess / Spirit) yet cannot equate their natural faith with any official religion. Others are more definitely Pagan, yet belong to families with a strong Christian connection, or are involved in a relationship with a person from another faith. Within all these contexts I am able to tailor-make special rites of passage that reflect the entire breadth of the situation with authenticity and respect for all. Welsh Border / Midlands - but will travel anywhere in UK or beyond.Mark was the perfect man to guide us through the beautiful ceremony of marriage. His warm caring nature meant that our service was perfectly adapted for us and our family. So many of our friends expressed how it was the most wonderful service they had ever been to and how true it felt. He is a unique Rev in every way!” Jade Jagger and Adrian Fillary email  websites: www.rent-a-rev.co.uk   and www.marktownsendministry.co.uk

Mark & Helen Woodsford-Dean (Greycrow & Magpie)
We live in Orkney (Scotland) and have been members of OBOD for about 9 and 6 years (respectively), currently studying at Druid and Ovategrade (respectively).  We are also members of the Scottish Pagan Federation and the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Together we offer all life rituals including fully legal Pagan weddings (for heterosexual and same-sex relationships), predominantly in the Orkney Islands but we will travel on request. We specialise in unique, bespoke, spiritual and genuine rituals at stunning locations! In Scotland it is possible to get legally married anywhere you choose, so we have performed ceremonies at enigmatic stone circles, deserted beaches, and dappled woodlands. We provide namings, funerals and any other requested ceremonies for the community whom we serve in Orkney.We hold open rituals (http://www.spiritualorkney.co.uk/open-rituals/4576890763) for the main eight Pagan rituals (OBOD format) at the Ring of Brodgar stone circle to which anyone with an open mind and warm heart is most welcome. We also visit Pagans in hospital in Orkney, and liaise with the Police and Orkney Interfaith on Pagan issues.  We are happy to meet up and provide advice on visiting Orkney for any OBOD members (Helen is a Scottish Tourist Guide Association regional guide for Orkney). Contact us by email (info@spiritualorkney.co.uk) or find us on FaceBook (Orkney Pagans). Our websites are www.spiritualorkney.co.uk and www.orkneypaganweddings.co.uk. Helen has a blog which discusses various sites on Orkney from an archaeological and spiritual perspective (some having been published in TouchStone, Pagan Dawn and SPIN) - Spiritual Orkney (spiritualorkney.blogspot.co.uk).  (Photograph is (c) Jeff Kuipers)


Diane Worthington
I am a Druid Graduate of OBOD and a member of TDN, The Order of the Yew and the BDO, and have been writing and performing Druid ritual for about 10 years. I am currently a facillitator for the Abus Coritani, a Druid/pagan group in North Lincolnshire who celebrate all the seasonal festivals together. All my ceremonies are personally written for you although I have a number of basic scripts that can be adapted to your own needs. I am happy to help you with the preparation of your own rituals too should you want to write them yourself. This includes handfastings, baby namings, rights pf passage, funeral or memorial ceremonies. My aim is that as many of your friends and family can join in as you wish. whatever their faith, or none. I can create roles so that those who wish to take an active part can do so.  Children are very welcome, and roles can be created for them too. I am based in North Lincolnshire and mainly work in and around this area. For further information please contact me by email

River Jones
I joined OBOD in 2000, shortly after being asked to conduct my first handfasting ceremony. I have since trained with the UK College of Celebrancy, and am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Whilst my own spiritual practices are nature based, as a celebrant I’m guided by you, creating your unique ceremony to reflect your outlooks and values. I draw on skills and experience gained through my previous career in community work, which brought me into contact with people from all walks of life - whatever the occasion, I ensure that everyone there feels welcome and involved. Many people worry about getting the words right in their ceremonies. Having won a few prizes as a poet and taught creative writing for many years, I can help with that - whether it’s putting words together for you or inspiring and supporting you to write your own. I love this work and do all I can to make every ceremony I conduct the best it can be. Based in Brighton, Sussex, but can travel. For more information see www.celebrantforyourceremony.com



Tim and Jennifer Bailey 
Celebrating Times of Change - Colorado Front Range

Tim and Jennifer, OBOD members, are a husband and wife Life-Cycle Celebrant® team creating and performing ceremonies together and individually. They are both skilled in performing meaningful ceremonies based on different customs and traditions. They have studied a wide variety of cultural ceremony elements. They beautifully weave together nature and the elements that reflect their Druid philosophy.
They are well versed regarding the importance of rites-of-passage, from weddings, handfastings, civil unions, renewals of vows, house-blessings, baby-naming ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, autumn years ceremonies, memorials, and funerals, as well as seasonal celebrations and special events.
Their goal is to create and perform ceremonies that reflect the importance of the natural yet life-changing events that individuals and couples experience. They create and perform unique and memorable ceremonies that match your lifestyles, philosophies, and values. They work with you to design and write your ceremony to match what you envision, customizing each ceremony with a personal story of what led up to this meaningful change.  Find their website here.

John Beckett
Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas
I’m a Druid graduate of OBOD, an ordained priest in the Universal Gnostic Church, and an officer in my local chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. I’m available for weddings and handfastings and can officiate 'legal' ceremonies as well as those the state doesn’t have the compassion and good sense to recognize. I also perform house cleansings and blessings, child naming ceremonies, funerals and other rites of passage, and lead workshops on daily spiritual practice. I have a variety of Druid, Pagan and interfaith ceremonies available, but I’m a ritual geek and will be happy to work with you to craft a ceremony that meets your needs and honors your beliefs and traditions. Fees vary based on the time, work and travel involved, and on the ability to pay.I live in the Dallas – Fort Worth area but will travel if expenses are covered and my schedule permits.You can find me on my blog or via email.

Brenda Cole
New Mexico
I am a Druid Grade member of OBOD and a member of the 1st Unitarian Church of Albuquerque. My spiritual training includes over 20 years experience in Druidry, Wicca, Unitarian Universalism and Catholicism. I am an ordained Minister through Centro de Esperanza in Albuquerque and have completed 30 hours of training as a pastoral care associate with 1st Unitarian Church. I am also an initiated Shaman and Reiki Master.
My diverse spiritual background allows me to craft individualized ceremonies for participants of all spiritual beliefs from Pagan to Christian to Humanist. I can work from a ceremony you have designed or we can craft one to fit your specific needs. I have performed weddings, hand fastings, naming ceremonies and assisted with funerals. I have also acted as a spiritual advisor with experience in resolving grief issues, personal growth and spiritual cleansings for home and person. I am located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will travel to your location if you are willing to pay all travel related expenses. I am also available for phone consultations. email

Gail Arthur-Eddy
Cleveland area, Ohio
As you stand at a threshold, you stand in a special space, where you are poised between one way of being and another. Once you cross it, you will no longer be as you were, your life becomes something other. The birth of a baby, the crossing from childhood to adulthood, a marriage, a death or a divorce, these times, and others, change us irrevocably. Bless, celebrate and mark these precious occasions. Let’s talk about how to do this to create a memory etched with depth and meaning. Together, we create a ceremony to mark the new stage and help navigate the way ahead. I am an OBOD Druid who works throughout Ohio. Contact me via my Blog, Life Cycle Celebrations: http://cyclesandrites.blogspot.com/ Or email lifecycles@yahoo.com.

Huathe Fearn
Southwestern portion of the United States. (Ok, Tx, Ar, Nm, Ks, Co.)
I am a Druid graduate with OBOD, group facilitator of The Circle of the Six-Fold Path and an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.
As well as being an active member of OBOD, I offer workshops, most notably Mynd a'r Carrig am dro/Walking the Stones. A study of the Circle as a tool for a better understanding of our daily lives. I also offer talks on related topics of Druidry.I offer Celebrant services which includes baby blessings, weddings, rites of passage, and celebration of life ceremonies (funerals and memorials). With the benefit of interfaith training, it allows me to bridge beliefs and customs which strengthens our faith through similar ideas; while understanding the differences without creating a division. I offer counseling to  families with different spiritual views to find a common ground. I am also available for spiritual counselling, either by phone or in person (depending on distance.) I offer spiritual guidance through the use of Tarot, Oracle cards and Ogham. Contact me by email

Sarah Fuhro
Druid member of the Boston (Mystic River) Grove in Massachusetts. I have celebrated with Druids and non druids alike. I have created and facilitated weddings, baby and child naming ceremonies, house blessings, celebrations for moving, for healing and for funerals. I belong to a grove which began twenty years ago. We take turns writing our own rituals for the turn of the year and have been fortunate to have weddings and baby celebrations within the group. I am also a professional astrologer and offer consultations on timing for events. email   

Ray Hayward
Minnesota and the upper mid-west
I am a registered minister and can perform baptisms, weddings, and funerals, as well as any rituals, rites of passage, or custom celebrations. I am a Druid Grade member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids and base all my ritual on the Order’s methods and insights as well as drawing on my other experiences with Sufism, Taoism, and the Western Mysteries.
I also lead seminars and workshops on meditation, T’ai-Chi, Qi-Gong, swordplay, and spiritual journeying. I am available for spiritual guidance, healing, and consultation. I have extensive experience with Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and am authorized to lead Masonic and non-Masonic tours. email

Erin (Oakheart) Higgins

Independent Celebrant -Mid-Atlantic Region (Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.) "You may grieve however you need to grieve, feel however you need to feel, and release your loved ones into memory however you see fit."  People of all spiritual paths deserve ceremonies that comfort and support them through difficult times.  I take a creative, problem-solving approach to designing meaningful rituals for mixed-belief families and groups by building upon your shared values.  I offer non-dogmatic, non-judgmental guidance for interfaith, pagan, humanist, and non-traditional rituals and ceremonies.
I am a celebrant of all Endings.  While my focus is on funerals and memorials, I can also assist you in creating divorce celebrations, cleansing ceremonies, cord-cutting rituals, Dead Name funerals for individuals undergoing identity transition, and any other kind of rite-of-passage that enables release of the spirit so that you may move onto your next phase of being.
I'm a graduate of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids' Funeral Celebrancy program, Serving the Living and the Dead and an OBOD Druid.  As co-leader of the Circle of Three Trees grove, I facilitate dramatic seasonal rituals and lead group meditations.  I am also available to assist professional Hospice workers, death doulas, and hospitals seeking help in giving spiritual support to dying pagans and followers of Earth-based spiritualities.  Email.

Moss Magill

Seattle, WA
An ordained minister, I am also a member of OBOD, I provide Druidic and Pagan prison ministry in the Washington State region, and I am the co-founder of the Circle of Coll Seed Group in Seattle, Washington. I am also a member of the International Alchemy Guild and certified alchemist. I believe in the Interfaith Movement and the practicality of Earth-based spiritual path work. I have experience in officiating weddings, baby blessings and house clearings. Please contact me by email.



William Melnyk
Metro Philadelphia Area
I have been a Druid member of OBOD since 2002. I was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1982, where I served for 25 years. I have many years of experience in the planning and conducting of life rituals in the Pagan traditions, including marriage, dedication of a new child, and funeral services, as well as ecclectic, interfaith celebations. I am available to officiate at life celebrations in the metropolitan Philadelphia area.  Please note: I choose not to act as an agent of the State in signing marriage licenses. In most Pennsylvania counties a self-uniting marriage license is available to the couple, and in other areas a brief civil ceremony is recommended prior to the more important spiritual wedding or handfasting. email


Susan K. Rowan-Nelson
I am a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, currently studying the Bardic Grade. I am also a Certified Independent Celebrant, and I perform Weddings, Handfastings, Renewals of Vows, Namings, Welcomings, House Blessings and House Cleansings, and more. In addition, I am an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, and so I am able to legally perform and solemnize marriages in the State of Washington, as well as in most other U.S. states. Finally, I hold a PhD in Philosophy; I am a Reiki healer; and I am a psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, and empath.  I perform both Reiki sessions and Individual Readings, either in-person or long distance.
As a Celebrant, my primary goal and deepest desire is to create for you, and to deliver in the venue of your choice, a ceremony that is uniquely your own—one that is a personal and powerful, magical and memorable, one-of-a-kind celebration of your love for one another, for your child, or for a new member of your family, group, or community, or for your home. Please visit my website at rowanwoodritualsandreiki.com or email me at awen@rowanwoodritualsandreiki.com


John Shrewsbury

I am a Druid Graduate of OBOD. I hold a baccalaureate degree in religious studies and several graduate degrees in unrelated fields including a Ph.D. and have many years of experience with ritual and liturgy and as a celebrant for various types of rituals including weddings and funerals.
I have served as chef druid of an independent druid grove in Nashville, TN, USA since 2009 and am ordained by the Grove (incorporated as a 501c3 religious institution / church) and can legally perform weddings. Our grove provides a place for the local druid community to come together regularly to celebrate the seasonal rites and celebrations, as well as significant life events including rites of passage such as hand fastings (both traditional year and a day, and permanent marriages), funerary rites, and baby naming’s. The grove also serves as host to the local OBOD seed group.
We primarily provide such rites and rituals in a druid context, but are open to providing service to those who cannot find them in their own traditions, particularly in the area of same-gender marriages. Will travel anywhere in the middle-Tennessee area. You can contact me through our grove website or by emailing Grove@DruidryNashville.org.


Lisa Tonner

New England
I am an OBOD member and facilitator of the Connecticut OBOD Seed Group. I am also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. I have 25 years of training in various spiritual belief systems, including Druidry, Wicca, Asatru, Voodoo and Thelema. I am available to perform weddings and legal handfastings as well as baby blessings, house blessings, rites of passage, funerals and memorial services. My fees vary based on the type of ceremony, location, and your ability to pay. I can also put you in touch with a professional wedding photographer/videographer and DJ with reasonable sliding scale fees. I will work with you to create a personalized and unique ceremony that reflects your beliefs and personalities. Connecticut allows same-sex marriage, and I am LGBT-friendly. email



Pagan Transitions

Pagan Transitions was created to provide Pagans with the resources to create meaningful and beautiful rites of passage, particularly funerals, that offer support during the process of dying, reflect the spirituality of the person who has passed through the Gateway, and offer support to the bereaved. Website

The Pagan Federation (Scotland) Celebrancy Service

The PF (Scotland) hold a register of Celebrants who are experienced in writing and conducting many kinds of ceremonies, including Handfasting, Legal Marriage, Funeral, and Naming ceremonies. All of their celebrants are happy to write and conduct Pagan ceremonies that closely reflect the beliefs of those involved. Most are trained in one or more of the main Pagan traditions, such as Druidry, Wicca and other forms of Witchcraft, Heathenry, and Shamanism, and most are also happy to work with more general, or eclectic, Pagan thought and symbolism, and where appropriate to conduct Interfaith ceremonies. Website

Pagan Celebrant Listing for Australia

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