Amongst the woodland tribes of the Celts & Anglo-Saxons there were trees of a sacred status that were protected from any harm and were respected by people who had a deeper understanding of nature. These were places of celebration and joy, not feared. Sometimes gifts or offerings were left there to express gratitude to the Source of all Life. These groves were natural temples, places with a powerful and peaceful atmosphere.
Fred Hageneder, The Spirit of Trees

A grove is a term which denotes not only a woodland temple but also a group of Druids, and the meetings they hold. Like sacred forest groves they are designed to create a powerful and peaceful atmosphere. 

Sylvan Grove's beech treeGroves can be made up of just a few members, or may number thirty or more. Some groves may welcome non-members to some of their gatherings. Each Grove is different, with each one offering additional services and ceremonies to its members and local community. These might range from rites of passage, to initiations, camps, workshops and community projects. 

Members receive a full listing of all groves and groups when they join. Some groups prefer not to be listed on a website. Here you will find details of OBOD Groves throughout the world who are happy to be listed, divided into world regions. If you wish to have your grove or group added please contact the Groves and Groups Coordinator at

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