Studying Arthurian & Grail Lore with Professor Roland Rotherham

Dr Roland Rotherham B.A.hons, M.A, Ph.D., Ed.D, M.I.H.G.S. holds degrees in Ancient and Medieval studies, Anglo-Saxon Culture, Heraldry, Anglo-Norman Culture, Ancient and Medieval Cultural Studies, and Education.

He is a member of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, and The Fellowship Of The Knights Of The Round Table Of King Arthur.

Referred to as 'The Doctor' by his colleagues, and 'Roly' by his friends, he has been described as 'the quintessential Englishman' and has devoted his life to the study of Arthurian and Grail Lore with frequent forays into the world of associated legends and mythology.

In this section of the website we invite you to sit back and imagine that you are by the fireside with Roly, while you listen to a series of three talks - on Arthur, the Grail and the Spear - and read their accompanying essays. On each page you will find the audio talks button beneath the essays. You can Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward by moving your cursor over the small circle.


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