Prayer & Devotion II

It can be helpful to create a morning and evening practice - a sequence of prayers and devotions that feel right for you. You can chant, sing, speak out loud or internally your prayers and blessings. You can include a period of silence before or after them. You can incorporate a meditation practice if you wish, and you can include ritual components, such as lighting candles or incense according to preference. The secret, as with all spiritual work, is to follow the spirit not the 'letter of the law'. Prayer and devotion comes from the heart and soul, not the logical mind that worries about correct procedures and detail. In the book Celtic Devotional by Caitlín Matthews, blessings, prayers and meditations are suggested for each day of the week over the four Celtic festival periods used by the Druids. As an example, here are the suggested devotions for a monday morning during the Imbolc season:

from Celtic Devotional by Caitlín Matthews

For the Imbolc season - Prayers & readings for Monday Morning

Soul Awakening 

I arise today in the name of
the Gatherer of Hope,
the Bringer of Springtime,
the Brightener of Seasons.

The Kindling

I kindle my soul at the hearth fires of the Kindler of Souls:
breath of love,
breath of light,
breath of life,
be upon the embers of my spring-wakening soul.
Preserve my soul in gladness
May it flame forth with the sun's returning glory.

To My Soul's Teacher

    Bright Mystery, be free as  a guest to enter me, always finding a welcome in my heart. All strivings cease when I open the door to you. (A period of Sacred Silence) In the secret grove of the heart may we ever meet.
     Teacher of my soul,  I am inspired every time I contemplate your life. As the world celebrates the coming of spring, help me to follow the path of my life and walk ever with me. Give me light to meet the question of this day.


     I remember all new-born creatures about to begin their cycle of life, especially....... may they live and love in joyful awareness.
     All souls need nurture and the fosterage of encouragement:  may the love of the Mother and Father of Soul's Fostering be in my heart as I go about the world, that I may enable and encourage all who are despondent and without hope, especially......
     I remember all who have made bad beginnings and now wish to amend their lives, especially ....... May they receive the blessing of resolution, courage and the willingness to change that the indwelling beauty of their lives can shine forth.
     The day stands before me: I consider what I shall do today.... may the work of my hands and the intentions of my heart hasten the verdant springtime of the world's spiritual awakening.

The Encircling of the Soul

I make the encircling and
go forth today under the
power of the heavens,
light of sun,
radiance of moon,
splendour of fire,
speed of lightning,
swiftness of wind,
depth of sea,
stability of earth,
firmness of rock.
From the heights, to the depths,
may I be encircled in love and safety.

A Blessing

May the blessing of the Gatherer of Hope,
the Bringer of Springtime,
the Brightener of Seasons.
be upon me as I set forth today.
Laughter of the running hours be mine,
and with the leave of lightness, may I come home in joy.

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