Druidry & Meditation

Meditation can bring peace to the heart, calm and inspiration to the restless mind, and healing to the body. While some meditation methods seek to transcend the body, Druids use meditation to honour the physical realm, to deepen their awareness of its sacredness and needs, and to deepen their sense of connection to all life, whether embodied or Otherworldly.

In using meditation to enter the Otherworld, Druids use techniques of inner journeying, including methods now known as shamanic. In using meditation to deepen their sense of presence and awareness, Druids use a variety of methods often including relaxation techniques combined with focussed awareness on the body or breath.

A central symbol for the Druid is a tree, which is often used in meditation. Powerful and peaceful, still and yet fully alive, the tree breathes in and out, acting in service to all of life. Learn a tree meditation here.

Meditation is taught In the Order's training course, and is practised on Order retreats, gatherings and workshops. See the book Contemplative Druidry, available from the Order's bookshop, for an exploration of meditation and contemplative approaches within Druidry. 

In addition two audio collections of meditations are available for download from itunes, Amazon and CDBaby: Wild Wisdom Meditations and Sacred Nature.

Two meditations from these collections are offered here. Make sure you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes each if you decide to listen to them. For this reason it is not a good idea to try to listen to them in a public place. Please wait until you get home! 

The first, 'Clothed With Flowers', comes from the collection Sacred Nature, and is designed as a relaxing and healing meditation that works with the powers of plants sacred to the Druid tradition. The music works with the Golden Mean, a ratio found in all of Nature, and the invocation to the Goddess comes from a 12th century Herbal. The plants invoked are all explored in more detail in The Druid Plant Oracle.

The second, 'A Meditation With All Four Elements', comes from the collection Wild Wisdom Meditatons, and is designed to both relax and energise you, and to open you to the gifts that the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire can bring.

Druidry and Meditation: Exploring how meditation can enhance your Druidic practice, also available from the Order's bookshop, offers a comprehensive guide to many ways in which meditation can be used within Druidry, and it includes advice for running meditation groups and for using meditation in ritual.

You may also be interested in 'Contemplative Druidry', an open Facebook group created primarily for people who want to develop, and reflect on, contemplative practice within Druidry. It may also be of interest to other Druids who are curious about contemplative practice and other contemplative practitioners who are curious about Druidry. See also the website Contemplative Druid Events for details of meditation retreats and other events.

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