On this page you will find listings of upcoming events that are either directly related to Druidry, or which we feel might be of interest. They are organised by many different people and groups, and their listing here does not imply our endorsement.
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Every Monday at 8pm GMT/UTC Join Philip Carr-Gomm, leader of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, for informal conversations and talks about the questions that matter. Live on video on the OBOD Facebook page. See previous broadcasts here:  

15 August - The Wilderness Club - Wilderness Fire Lighting & Shelters at The Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR. £11.00. 10.30 am to 1pm. Children First Timers £11. Wilderness Club Members £9.90. Parents Free. Learn the basic bushcraft skills of making a fire and building a shelter. Safely try it out for yourself and spend time round the fire in our Woodland Hall and toast a marshmallow or two. Tutor: Sean Reeves. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Ratio: 2 Children to 1 Adult. Become a Wilderness Club Member when you buy your first children's workshop in 2018. Your Wilderness Club Discount Code will be sent in your confirmation email. Max 12. Book Here

19 August - Making Blended Incense for Magic - Afternoon mini-workshop at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Since ancient times, loose blended incenses have been used for purification, for summoning spirits, and in natural magic. This afternoon workshop introduces you to they key ingredients scents, then teaches you to make your own blend according to esoteric  principles of Western magic.  By the end of the session will have made an incense to take home; you will also have the knowledge to make incenses at home for spells, purifications and protection. Rebecca Beattie is a regular Treadwells tutor: she is a practitioner of esoteric arts, a doctoral student and a writer (author of Nature Mystics). All ingredients included. Price: £20. To book. Time: Arrive 12.50 for 1 pm start. Ends 3.15.

22-23 August - The Wildernes Club  - Overnight in the Wilderness at The Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, Petersfield, Hampshire  GU32 1HR10.30am to 10.30 the next morning. Children First Timers £50. Wilderness Club Members £45. Parents £50. A real back to nature experience for child and parent. This exciting experience will give you a full day and night in the woods, learning to build shelters, fire-lighting, outdoor cooking and woodland crafts. All food is provided. Tutor: Jonathan Huet. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Ratio: 2 Children to 1 Adult. Become a Wilderness Club Member when you buy your first children's workshop in 2018. Your Wilderness Club Discount Code will be sent in your confirmation email. Max 16. Book Here.

25-26 August - The One Tree Gathering‘One Tree Gathering’ is a project initiated by the ICCS (International Center for Cultural Studies) and OBOD (the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids) to explore values shared by Pagan and Hindu cultures. The aim of the annual gatherings is to provide a platform for our communities to exchange ideas and form relationships based on friendship, mutual understanding and shared values.

This year the One Tree Gathering is on 25th-26th of August at the beautiful Beaumanor Hall, near Loughborough. During the weekend we will have an opportunity to meet like minded people and take part in inspiring talks, discussions  and interactive workshops as well as get to know each other around bonding activities. This year it will be based on the ‘Tree” and exploring your own 'birth tree' and what its values and qualities are. There will then be a tree walk to go and find your tree. The price for the weekend is £50 and £60 with accommodation in the bunkhouse. Website can be found here: and tickets can be purchased here: To enquire please email check our Facebook page

25 August - Tarot Cards Introduced, for Absolute BeginnersAfternoon workshop with Sue Terry at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. If you've always been curious about the cards, but don't know where to start, this afternoon is for you.  You'll meet the characters: kings, queens, knights and pages, then learn ten number symbolism keys.  From there you'll dive into the basics of reading the cards, with exercises for everyone to try. Tutor Sue Terry is a gifted teacher: her workshop is packed with activities, providing a structured, fun interactive environment. Sue Terry is one of Treadwells in-house tarot readers with many happy clients and students.  This workshop works on the Minor Arcana - you can also take the day focussing on the Major Arcana. Price: £40  Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online. Time: Arrive 12.50 for 1 pm start. Ends 5.30 pm.

2 September for 7 days - Ancient & Mystical Cornwall Tour.  If you would like to join us please contact Neil at Website: www.megalithictours.comTour Film - Page -

5 September - and following 7 Weds evenings - Tarot Card Reading: Beginners- Eight-week course with Suzanne Corbie at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Learn to read tarot with a gifted experienced teacher over eight weeks. Classes are engaging, with short teaching lectures alternated with practice readings, meditations and fun exercises.  There is homework each week. By the end of the course you will  be able to do simple readings for yourself and for friends. This is one of Treadwell’s most popular courses:  Tutor Suzanne Corbie has been reading tarot for over 40 years, and is an inspiring teacher.  Max 16 students per class. Course completers receive a Treadwell's Certificate. Price: £220 (£110 deposit, balance due on first night) Register by phone 0207 419 8507 or book onlineTime: 7 pm to 9 pm weekly.

8 September - Spiritual Psychology: the Outer Personality & the Deeper Self - Two-day Workshop with Vivianne & Chris Crowley at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS. This the first of a series of three workshops offered over the coming months, and is theme is The Outer Personality and Deeper Self. It is geared to people working within specific spiritual or magical traditions, and for those on individual spiritual paths, and its aim is to facilitate the initiatory journey to the true self by uncovering hidden aspects and releasing inner obstacles. The workshops draw on theories from Jungian, Transpersonal and Archetypal Psychology, from the Western Mystery Tradition, and from Eastern philosophy and spirituality.  Practical work consists of inner journeying, imaging and meditation. The three ‘Know Thyself’ workshops are focussed on the spiritual quest, which is a journey of reunification with the Divine.  Achieving this requires coming to understand one’s aspirations and fears, strengths and weaknesses — the  mind, body, heart and spirit. It means  discovering all that we are, and all that we can be. The journey is difficult, but ultimately one which offers deep peace and unity of being. Max 16. NOTE: The workshop involves deep inner work and is not recommended for people currently having psychiatric treatment. Workshop leaders: Vivianne Crowley BSc, PhD, AFBPsS, CPsychol is a Chartered Psychologist with a doctorate in psychology. She trained in counselling with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology and is a international teacher of Wicca, Paganism and spiritual psychology. She is the author of many books, including Wicca and Jung: Journey of Transformation. Chris Crowley BA, MA, trained in counselling with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. He is a international teacher of Wicca, Paganism, and spiritual psychology, and a specialist in mid-life counselling. He is the co-author of Your Dark Side and Ancient Wisdom. Price: £150 (deposit £80, balance  of £70 due on arrival on the first day). Register: Ring 0207 419 8507 or book onlineTime: Sat 10.30 am –  5.30 pm. Sun 10.30 am – 5 pm

14 September - Mystical Isle of Man TourWere off to the beautiful Isle of Man for a long weekend tour. Hope you can join us.  If you have any questions please do get in touch with Neil at - Tel 07799 061991 - Website:

21-23 September - CELTIC TRIAD D-A-CH MEETING 2018 - A German spoken Camp organised by OBOD members will be held in the three-country-corner of Germany-Austria and Switzerland. The Camp will be in the Region of Bregenz and will take place on the 21-23 September 2018. There will be workshops, talks, ceremony and Eisteddfod to inspire you! To learn more please visit the website:

23 September -SPRING EQUINOX / ALBAN EILIR (Oestre/Te Wha o Mahura/Te Koanga) 11am at The Woolshed144 Muri Rd, Pukerua Bay, New Zealand, Pukerua Bay, Wellington 5026, New Zealand. The Spring Equinox ceremony of the Druid tradition is known as Alban Eilir – ‘Light of the Earth’.  Alban Eilir, at the point of balance between Imbolc and Beltane, as it is at the point of balance between day and night, is a time for festivity and celebration for it marks the beginning of a new phase, the beginning of the triumph of light. In Druidry, Spring is considered so important, that three festivals are dedicated to this season: Imbolc, marking the first stirrings of Spring, Alban Eilir marking its more obvious beginning, and Beltane marking the time of its fullness, before it develops into the very different quality of Summer. In ancient Maori society the rising of the star Aotahi (Canopus) announced the arrival of Spring, together with flowering of kowhai, rangiora and kotukutuku, the plants of the fourth lunar month spanning September and October.  This was also a sign for kumara planting to begin.  A key event was the return of pipiwharauroa, the shining cuckoo, from its winter stay in Hawaiki, the legendary Pacific homeland of the Maori. In Europe, Spring Equinox was the festival of Eostre, the Saxon goddess of the dawn and Spring. Bring your songs, stories, poems, music, dances, insights, etc. appropriate to the season to contribute to creating our own special ceremony.  Please bring a ‘pot luck’ contribution for the feasting. PLEASE NOTE:  The Sun festivals (both Equinoxes and both Solstices) are open to all and we very much look forward to welcoming you here. Tel: 04 239 9234 / 027 206 8876     e-mail: web:

29 September - Celtic Traditions of Creativity - A Bardic Workshop with Jonathan Woolley at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS. Early Welsh and Irish bardism permeates modern druidry: bards left not only inspiring writings but also techniques for attaining creative inspiration. This workshop introduces historical bards before focussing on their methods. Integral to creative work is inspiration, which contemporary druids loosely translate as ‘awen’ – in a spiritually engaged path, the bardic path, be it musical or poetic, is unpacked further for practical help. Jonathan Woolley leads this well-structured, clear and engaged half-day class, which teaches several practical exercises and interactive methods — leaving space for individual experience. The afternoon culminates with a sharing circle (eisteddfod). If you’re a creative, a radical, or a nature-lover, this afternoon is for you. Jonathan Woolley is passionate about the radical potential of the creative arts: he writes for the acclaimed activist site Gods and Radicals and is active in OBOD. In his professional life he is a social anthropologist (PhD Cambridge) whose research focusses on ecology, in particular how people interact with their local landscape. He is friendly, warm and a gifted teacher.  All welcome. Price: £40.  Ring 0207 419 8507 or book onlineTime: Arrive 12.50 for 1 pm start. Ends 5.30 pm

4-7 October - The Mystic Garden and the Sanctuary of the Heart – An Autumn Retreat with Philip Carr-Gomm at the Fintry Retreat House, home to the Fintry Trust, set in beautiful countryside in the Surrey Hills with woodland walks and extensive views across the landscape. The atmosphere of the house and grounds is perfectly suited to this contemplative retreat, with time for poetry and conversation about the spiritual life, and time for individual reflection, interspersed with healing and restorative meditations and exercises drawn from psychology and the wisdom traditions. Details.

23 October - Wilderness Club - Halloween Tales and Wild Snacks at the Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, Hampshire   GU32 1HR10.30am to 3.30pm. Children First Timers £20. Wilderness Club Members £18. Parents Free. ​Children 8+. Join us around the open fire and enjoy woodland tales and seasonal wild snacks. Brew up herb teas and learn tree folklore. Make a wand to capture the magic of the year. Tutor: Jonathon Huet. Max 12 Book Here.

24 October - Wilderness Club - Bug Houses at the Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR. 10am to 11.30am or 1pm to 2.30pm. Children First Timers £7. Wilderness Club Members £6.30. Parents Free. Children 6+ Get grubby with the grubs. Mini beasts abound on the ground and in the leaf litter. Let’s find some bugs and create safe shelters for them in our gardens at home. Make a bug house to take away. Tutor: Louise Arthur Max 12. To Book AM. To Book PM

25 October - Wilderness Clib- Halloween Leaf Lanterns at The Sustainability Centre, Droxford Road, East Meon, Hampshire GU32 1HR. 10am to 12.00 noon or 2pm to 4pm. Children First Timers £11. Wilderness Club Members £9.90. Parents Free. Children 6+. Find some colourful autumn leaves and layer them through tissue to create your willow lantern. Materials provided. All lanterns come with a safety LED light. Tutor: Louise Arthur. To Book AM. To Book PM.

27 October - Wild Woman Retreats -  A Deeper Journey - Join us for a day of transformation27th October 2018, 10am til 4pm. £75 ticket including all refreshments and lunch. At the Carymoor Environmental Centre, Castle Cary, Somerset. This event is for women who have already attended a Wild Women event, or who have experience of deeper ritual. Calling to all those women who want to travel a little deeper into their own wildness. As Samhain approaches and the dark clouds gather, we prepare to take a journey with Inanna, one of the most potent and powerful goddesses of Sumeria. She is the goddess of Venus, the morning and evening star. Independent, powerful, sensual,  Inanna resides where the earth meets the sky. She will be our guide as we travel through the seasons of life, death and rebirth. We will be held safely but we will go deep, our feet will pound the earth. We will have the chance to shed the skin that no longer serves us and together we will search for our inner light that shines in the dark. To find out moreand book your place contact Natalie Green at


March 21-24, 2019 Gulf Coast Gathering -Druidry's Role in a Sustainable Future - Join us amidst the live oaks and cypresses in beautiful Fontainebleau State Park on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, as we leave behind the mundane world and spend a long weekend communing with the earth, trees, and skies of Southeast Louisiana as we look at the ways we, as Druids, can play a part in promoting sustainable practices, help to preserve pollinators and native plants, and connect with the needs of the earth. GCG 2019 will be our fifth annual gathering, and we are delighted to announce that our special guest will be Eimear Burke, OBOD’s new Chosen Chief designee. Eimear, along with her late husband Howard Campbell, founded the Kilkenny Druid Grove in Ireland. She is also a storyteller and harpist, with a deep love of the Irish tales. And for lagniappe, our friend Susan Jones, former OBOD mentor co-coordinator and the Mt. Haemus award winner for 2019, will return to share with us a sneak peek at her upcoming Mt. Haemus Lecture. Registration will open October 1, 2018; full details and registration at OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering. (


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