On this page you will find listings of upcoming events that are either directly related to Druidry, or which we feel might be of interest. They are organised by many different people and groups, and their listing here does not imply our endorsement.
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16 December - Meeting the Horned Goddess, Deer Mother - Workshop with Caroline Wise at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Images of horned goddesses are found in cultures across the ancient world,  and these have formed the heart of Caroline Wise's research and meditative exploration for over thirty years. She is pioneer of the devotion to Elen of the Ways, and an advocate for goddess worship across traditions. Today she brings the Horned Goddess and Deer Mother to a full day workshop of talks, visualisation exercises, ceremony, and a crafting session to make magical items. Caroline Wise is a contributor to many publications, and is co-editor of Finding Elen: the Quest for Elen of the Ways and The Secret Lore of London. An active practitioner, in addition to her writing and research she trains individuals in the art of the priestess. All are invited to this experientially-rich explorative day. Price: £70 (£40 deposit, balance  of £30 due on the day) Book online. Time: 10.45 arrival for 11 am start. Ends 5.30 pm.

17 December - SUMMER SOLSTICE / ALBAN HEFIN / TE MARUAROA O TE RAUMATI at The Woolshed  144 Muri Road, Pukerua Bay, Porirua 5026. Tel: 04 239 9234 / 027 206 8876 - e-mail - . At 11am. Summer Solstice, the longest day, arrives as the year is coming to an end and the holiday season is about to begin, Although this is when the sun’s light reaches its maximum, it is but the threshold of summer.  The crimson flowers of the pohutukawa fringe the coastline, dancing against the blue sea. Summer is also announced by the appearance of the star/spirit woman Parearohi shimmering in the sky with her consort Rehua (Antares, the red star in Scorpio).  Rehua was sometimes also referred to as the sun and people would say karakia to Rehua: Rehua is the sun, and if he did not shine the grass and vegetation would die and life would cease.  This time of the light of Parearohi and Rehua is also how The Grove of the Summer Stars got its name. In the Druid tradition, these words are spoken: We are met here on the shortest night of the year to celebrate the zenith of the Mabon, the Sun-Child of the Druid tradition. We come together to honour a great mystery – that every zenith contains its nadir, as every nadir its zenith. And we come together too, to celebrate the power of light and warmth and Summer.  The sun which has warmed and lighted us through the Wheel of the Year seems to stand still for several days.  This is the time of Great Light. This is also the time of Kiwi Christmas – a Summer Solstice rather than a Winter Solstice celebration in this part of the world. Please arrive by 10.45am.  Bring any readings, songs, poems, music, dances or stories which you feel are appropriate to this celebration of light.  Also bring food to share for a Solstice lunch.  This is an ‘open’ ritual and all (adults and children) are most welcome. Let’s make this a real family Summer Solstice.

20 December - Folk Customs around the Winter Solstice - Seminar Evening with Will Hunter and Ellie Hughes at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS. Witches today work with the folk customs of the seasons of the old farming year, mining them for spiritual insights in their quest to attune to the earth as a spiritual mother. Seasonal customs are found across Europe, with local variation and specific traditions. The evening looks at these older customs in their original local contexts, and tonight explores the many rituals which take place around the the  winter solstice, the longest night which falls around the 20-22 December each year. The first hour consists of an illustrated lecture, and is followed in the second hour by a practical, hands-on activity which takes one of the customs discussed and brings it alive for everyone to participate in. Everyone is welcome: no prior experience or knowledge is expected. William Hunter has lived and traveled in many of the more rural parts of Europe, exploring surviving customs and native traditions. Ellie Hughes has a passion for creating  historically-informed rituals, and previously ran Treadwell’s Open Circle; at university she studied History. They are both practicing witches with over 25 years experience between them. Time: Arrive 6.50 for 7 pm start. Ends 9.15 pm. Price: £20. Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online.

21 December - Winter Solstice Ritual at Chalice Well, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Midday Meditation. We gather at the well head at 12 noon for meditation until 12:30. At  12.30 we invite you to join us around the fire on the lower lawn for an informal Conversation Café. We hope this is an opportunity for people to meet, share ideas, thoughts and beliefs and increase connection through understanding. FREE ADMISSION to the gardens between 10 am & 12 pm (Normal admission from 12pm - Companions FREE). Refreshments on sale between 10 am and 3:30 pm. Winter Solstice Festivities | 2 pm. Your are also welcome to join us at 2 pm at our Winter Solstice festivities when we gather together around the Winter Solstice fire for meditation and song. Details

Woodland Bard School- In-depth course on woodlandlore and meditation. Friendly unique group. Every second Wednesday of the month. Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove. 7.15pm - 9.15pm. £7 per person inc. factsheet and herb teas. To book and for further details contact : walkwithtrees@hotmail.comTel: 07891 333780



13 January - Working Magic in the Landscape: Psychogeography - Day Workshop with Julian Vayne at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS. This full day grounds attendees in psychogeography, the art of  transforming one's experience of everyday world into something rich and strange.  Julian Vayne will teach several occult methods for encountering the spirits of place, and a range of techniques for re-enchanting your own landscape. The day will include inner exercises, talks, a short walk, interactive workings and simple ritual. The methods learnt can be applied in your own life and can be personalised so you can incorporate them into your own tailored magical practice. Please wear suitable shoes for walking, and bring a pillow. Julian Vayne has been a magical practitioner for over thirty years, with a host of books and writings on practical magic, most coming from his creative chaos magic perspective. Julian  is a friendly and warm person, and a gifted teacher. Price: £75   (£40 deposit, balance of £35  due on the day). Register: Ring 0207 419 8507.  or book onlineTime: 11 am to 5.30 pm. Please arrive 10.50 am for prompt start.

14 January - Practical Candle Magic - Afternoon Mini-workshop with Lucya Starza at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Candle magic is a basic and central skill in the repertoire of pagans and indeed anyone who practices magic. It’s easy to learn, handy and people find it a favourite method. If you always wanted to know how to a spell, or if you are keen to be able to work simple magic in accordance with old traditions, this evening is for you. Lucya Starza  leads  you step by step, and we provide all the supplies. By the end you will know how to do your own candle spells – and you will take home a prepared candle in addition to your newly-gained expertise.  All supplies are included in the fee. No experience is required, and everyone is welcome. Lucya Starza is a practising  Wiccan, owner of Bad Witch’s Blog and the author of Candle Magic. She’s a fun, knowledgeable and well-organised teacher, and her classes get rave reviews. Time: arrive  12.50   for a 1 pm start. Ends 3.15 pm. Price: £20 Register: ring 0207 419 8507 or book online.

20 January- Making Blended Incense for Magic -Mini-Workshop with Rebecca Beattie at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BS. Since ancient times, loose blended incenses have been used for purification, for summoning spirits, and in the natural magic. This afternoon workshop introduces you to they key ingredients scents, then teaches you to make your own blend according to esoteric traditions and Wiccan principles.  By the end of the session will have made an incense to take home with  you and will have the knowledge to make more at home. Rebecca Beattie is a regular Treadwells tutor: she is a practitioner of magical arts, a doctoral student and a writer (author of Nature Mystics). All ingredients included. Price: £20. Ring 0207 419 8507 or book online. Time:  Arrive 12.50 for 1 pm start. Runs to 3.15 pm.

24 January for 8wks - Tarot Intermediate Course- Eight-week Course with Suzanne Corbie at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS.So you’ve done the basic course in reading tarot, but you want to progress. For students who have done a foundation tarot class, this is the great way to go further. Join Suzanne Corbie for eight Wednesday evenings of interactive learning to develop your interpretation skills, practice new spreads, and deepen your understanding. You will learn about reversed cards, connecting and opposing pairs, patterns and themes, myths and metaphors, archetypes, and challenging cards. All tarot learners who have completed a beginner’s course – here or elsewhere – are very welcome indeed. Suzanne Corbie has been working with the tarot for forty years, and has been teaching tarot for fifteen. She is an in-house reader at Treadwells, and her classes are hugely popular. Register by phone 0207 419 8507 or book online here Price: £210  (£110 deposit, balance due on first night). Time: 6.50 arrival for 7 pm start. Ends 9 pm

25-30 January - White Horse CampIMBOLC 2018. This Imbolc, as land & year begin to awaken White Horse Camps will be invoking the Goddess Brighde with an emphasis on her healing presence. We will be exploring methods to enhance body awareness, energy work & loving kindness, including Greywolf’s 12 Doorways to the Soul & ancient Taoist wisdom as well as exploring Wild Ways’ wintry woods. Ronald Hutton & Ana will also be joining us with their usual mix of scholarship & storytelling on Saturday 27th. For all enquiries please email

1 February - Imbolc Ritual at Chalice Well, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. Free Admission to the Gardens between 10 am and 12 noon. (Normal Admission applies from 12 noon - Companions FREE). This is the first of our 8 Wheel of the Year celebrations which mark the cycle of nature.. We will be gathering at the well head at 12pm for celebration and meditation until 12:30. At 12:30 we invite you to join us around the fire on the Lower Lawn for informal ’conversation’. We hope this will be an opportunity for people to share ideas, thoughts and beliefs, and a chance to increase connection through understanding. Participants in the White Spring ceremony will be let in through the gate in Wellhouse Lane at 11.20 pm, as in previous years. Refreshments will be available until 1.30 pm. Please feel free to join us for all or any part of the celebration. Details

24-25 February - ‘Know Thyself ‘:  Spiritual Psychology - The Opposites Within - This is Workshop II in the ‘Know Thyself’  Series with Vivianne and Chris Crowley at Treadwell's Bookshop, 33 Store Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7BS. Masculine and feminine, ego and shadow – the spiritual journey is a struggle to integrate the competing energies within , and to discover and connect with the true self.  Aimed at those practising specific spiritual or magical traditions, and for those on their own personal path, this two-day worksop is geared to aiding the understanding of the inner self in all its complexity, so one may better pursue our chosen path. The two days will include many practical exercises using meditation, inner journeying, symbolism and small group work. This is combined with short talks on theory, to help you deepen your understanding of your inner self.   It is a two-day experience for exploring one’s inner life in a context both magical and spiritual. Workshops 1 and 2 can be taken in any order.   The workshops involve deep inner work and are not recommended for people currently having psychiatric treatment. Workshop Leaders Vivianne Crowley BSc, PhD, AFBPsS, CPsychol is a Chartered Psychologist with a doctorate in psychology.  She trained in counselling with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology and is a international teacher of Wicca, Paganism and spiritual psychology. She is  the author of many books, including Wicca and Jung: Journey of Transformation. Chris Crowley BA, MA, trained in counselling with the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology. He is a international teacher of Wicca, Paganism, and spiritual psychology, and a specialist in mid-life counselling.  He is the co-author of Your Dark Side and Ancient Wisdom. Times:  Saturday: 10.30 am to  5.30 pm; Sunday: 10.30 am to 5 pm Price: £130  (£60 deposit, balance of £70 will be due on first day). Book online or phone 0207 419 8507.

2-4 March - OBOD Druid Grade Gorsedd at the Othona Community, Burton Bradstock, Dorset, UK. For Druid Grade members only. Our theme will be ‘ The Sanctuary of the Shore.’ For more information please contact Lorien Cadier

2-5 March - Druids Down Under National Gathering 2018From Friday 2nd March – Monday 5th March the Druids of Australia will gather in Sydney NSW. Many different representatives of Druidry, including those who are members of the orders (OBOD, BDO and ADF) and those whose study is independent, will come together at this event to discuss what it means to practice Druidry in an Australian environment. There will be many talks and workshops, rituals, meditations, an Awen creative space, some children’s activities, a bardic circle, a feast, and live music from Spiral Dance and KC Guy.  Tickets are available now. All welcome. For more information click here.

16-18 March - Chalice Well Essences | Weekend Workshop | 'Return to the Garden'; Working with Chalice Well Essences at Chalice Well, Chilkwell, Street, Glastobury. 'Return to the Garden'; Working with Chalice Well Essences| Weekend Workshop This practical and experiential workshop designed for practitioners, healers and therapists, but also open to anyone interested in vibrational essences, who wishes to connect with the healing energies of Chalice Well. During this workshop you will; Attune to nature, plants and essences and use essences in consultations. Experience traditional plant spirit medicine and increase sensitivity to the healing energies of nature. Study and apply botanical analysis and the Doctrine of Signatures to Essence therapy practice. Co-create a special essence to gain an understanding of the Chalice Well Essences approach and philosophy. Explore and apply Chalice Well Essences in client consultations, diagnosis and treatment. You can book your place on Working with Chalice Well Essences now by clicking HERE or by calling us on 01458 831154. Details

20 March - Spring Equinox Ritual at Chalice Well, Chilkwell Street, Glastonbury. 12.00 - 12.30. FREE ADMISSION to the gardens between 10 am & 12 pm. (Normal admission from 12 pm - Companions FREE). Refreshments on sale between 10 am and 1:30 pm. We will be gathering at the Well Head at 12 pm for celebration and meditation until 12:30. At 12:30 we invite you to join us around the fire on the Lower Lawn for informal ’conversation’. We hope this will be an opportunity for people to share ideas, thoughts and beliefs, and a chance to increase connection through understanding. Please feel free to join us for all or any part of the celebration. Details

4-7 May - Spirit of the Marsh Beltane Fire Gathering and FestivalCelebrate Beltane with three days of camping in the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside.   Spirit of the Marsh is a family gathering that aims to keep ancient traditions alive. 2018’s event will be packed with talks, workshops, music, meditations, plenty of Pagan and spiritual ceremonies, childrens entertainment and of course, the Beltane fire. For more information visit

2-6 July - THE WILD WOMEN’S SUMMER RETREAT 2018Monday July 2nd (5pm) to Friday July 6th (10am) Springhead Trust, Centre for Sustainable Living, Dorset. To all the women out there looking for something extraordinary, you are invited to stop what you’re doing for a moment, tiptoe out of your life and into your car, bus, train, etc… and turn South towards Dorset and adventure, magic and community, as we offer you the chance to celebrate all that is incredible about being a woman. Camping or sleeping in dormitories or bedrooms on a stunning seven-acre estate, offering formal and wild gardens at the foot of spectacular downland, with a lake so calm and luminous you will feel like you are gazing into the bedroom of the moon. Here you will find the Wild Women’s Summer Retreat 2018 and a place of refuge and retreat, love and transformation. BOOKING IS NOW OPEN Visit or email


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Glastonbury Winter Gathering 2017: 9th December
Glastonbury Summer  Gathering 2018: 2nd-3rd June
Glastonbury Winter Gathering 2018: 8th December


Monthly OBOD Meditations for Peace by yourself, or with a Grove or Seedgroup, perform a Grove ceremony with the central theme and focus for world peace.







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