Membership & The Order's Training Course

Come let us build the ship of the future
In an ancient pattern that journeys far
Robin Williamson, 'Seasons They Change'

The practice of Druidry used to be confined to those who could learn by visiting a Grove or Druid in person. But over the years the Order has developed an experience-based course which can be followed wherever you live. Thousands of people of all ages and educational backgrounds have taken this course, which works with the ideas and practices of Druidry in a thoroughly practical, yet also deeply spiritual way.

The course, which is published for the Order by the Oak Tree Press, includes membership of the Order and is divided into three stages or grades that correspond to the three traditional divisions of the Druids: those of the Bards, Ovates and Druids. Each grade has its own initiation which can be performed alone at home, or with others in a Grove.

The Bardic grade takes you on a journey through the cycle of the year, and introduces all the basic concepts of Druidry - showing you how it is a living Way that can be practised in the modern world, bringing a greater sense of connection with all of nature, and with the ancient heritage of the Druid wisdom-tradition.

The aim of the Bardic course is to help your life flourish and blossom - to help your Soul express itself fully in the world. It does this by helping you discover the sources of your creative power, so that their gifts can flow fully in your life. In addition, it teaches the fundamental skills and techniques of Druid spirituality: the use of ritual, of sacred space, of the circle, the directions and elements. During the first year you are taught thirteen rituals in addition to the eight Druid seasonal ceremonies. These rituals help to attune you to the natural world, to the rhythms of the earth and moon, the sun and stars. And as they do this, they help you to access your Deep Self, your Soul - that part of you which feels at one with all life.

The audio version of the course has contributions of music, storytelling and song from Loreena McKennitt, Robin Williamson, Mara Freeman, Fiona Davidson, Claire Hamilton, Myrddhin and Zil, Damh the Bard, Jim Faupel, Corvi Ridentes, Aine Furey, Philip Shallcrass and Philip Carr-Gomm.

Here’s what Frank MacEowen, author of The Mist-Filled Path says about it:

"As with most other streams of indigenous wisdom, the Druidic tradition has always been predominantly an oral tradition. Whether in a forest grove or sitting in front of a crackling hearth, the Druid tradition is a mouth-to-ear transmission of an ancient 'practical mysticism' that can guide and inspire us to live with the earth in harmony. With the OBOD teachings on audio, students of Druidry - new and seasoned alike - now have the opportunity to work with the ways of the Druid tradition in a fresh, relevant, but also traditional manner. Imagine standing in an expansive forest, or even sitting in your private garden, with a CD player or an iPod, being guided deeply into a communion with the old Druid spirit, your spiritual senses awash with spoken-word teachings, practices, poetic meditations, and heart-stirring soundscapes. This is what awaits you."

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