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Ronald Hutton, Professor of History at the University of Bristol, says in his book The Druids:

"The OBOD correspondence course arguably represents one of the major documents of British spirituality from the late twentieth century."

Since then the course has been developed, revised and expanded for the 21st century. Here are some reactions to the course from members:

"The greatest value of the OBOD postal course is this: it exists. It is available. Precious insights are being passed along. The mysteries are being shared. Thanks to all who have made this course possible!" V.C. Oregon

"This magnificent and highly inspiring journey through the Bardic, Ovate and Druid training is mind-blowing, poetic and life-changing all at the same time - a new and yet so old perspective on life and spirituality and a piece of art in itself." T.S. Zurich

"A great gift from Druidry is that when I am in a natural place, meadow, forest, sea side or desert, I am aware of the spirits that share this place with me. Until Druidry had given me the language for this, I had felt some terrible yearning, a frustration with no means for communication. Now I acknowledge spirit wherever I am. I see and hear, able to participate in the language of trees, plants, stones, earth and breezes. I know the hawk and when he will circle above me in the sky.
I have come to realize it is the connection between humans and land that speaks to my heart. I love the stone walls that ramble through meadows and woodlands. They are lines of poetry that tell of the people whose hands carried these stones and the energy of the earth that was marked in this ancient way, first by the Indians, and later by white farmers. once again I can see some of those old people as when I was a child. I remember the dark woman in the plum coloured dress who I watched, as she wandered in the ferns near a stream in back of my house. Now I am that woman who can travel between the worlds of the living and the dead. The work of the course is so well designed that while studying trees, I meet the ancestors of the land and while meditating on ancestors, I realise I am descended from trees and stones and stars." S.F.Boston

"For the renewed presence in my life of this sense of spiritual, magical intimacy with the world of matter, I am deeply grateful. It takes me back to my roots in more way than one; it connects me deeply to the earth of my nourishment, to the magical realm of the living world. I have also learned so much about myself, about choice and about freedom." S.H.London

"The first thing that impressed me about the course, was the total lack of religious dogma in the context of overall spirituality, which is, I believe very true to the historical evidence suggesting that the ancient Druids were neither exclusionary nor elitist about their 'gods'. And the second profound impression was the ability of OBOD to integrate the spiritual needs of humans with the realities of living a physical existence. I know of no other way of thinking that so naturally integrates what most religions see as the great opposites of existence: the body and the spirit. And via OBOD, this is much more than just a philosophy or a way of thinking - it is a way of living! I believe the Order is a wonderful tool for reintroducing so much of what we have lost. Thank you for the gentle insight and knowledge, the sense of community and connection, and the opportunity to experience life more completely." J.S. Colorado

"How is it that every time a question is in my mind, I turn the page of the Gwers and the answer is before me? It is as if whoever compiled these teachings anticipates the logical mind and then also its inner workings. I am nearing the end of the Bardic grade, and I can honestly say that never in my life have I needed such guidance as in the last few months. I feel there is hope for us all if we continue to strive for harmony with Mother Earth." P.B. Sussex

"The last five months have been ones of tremendous growth and change. I have realised at least two life ambitions; my intellect along with my creativity has become sharper and clearer and more productive than ever before, and I feel more at peace with myself as my mind has become more balanced with my emotions." L.N. Reading

"Many of the changes in me I believe are due to a sense of peace and of purpose given to me by working through the studies of the Bardic grade. These inner changes have in turn provoked more visible external changes. This course has most definitely answered a call which has been with me for as long as I can remember." D.L. Manchester

"What the training seems to do is invite the inclusion of the whole personality onto the path, as opposed to remaking the personality to conform to a specific model destined to make you transcend the world in a burst of enlightenment. Each personality is a unique gift, and thus we arrive at a garden of diverse Druids. The diversity is strength, not confusion: not one answer, but a multitude of pathways grounded in a renewed sense of wonder and friendship with the world."  G.W. New York

"I love all the different resources the Order provides like Touchstone, a beautiful and informative website, Druidcast (the monthly podcast), Tea with A Druid (weekly Facebook Live video meetings), the Discussion Forums, international gatherings, and of course the mentoring system and a perfectly well organised office sending the right gwersi at the right time!” G.B.Zurich


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