Crucible of the Sun - The Mabinogion

Crucible of the Sun: The Mabinogion retold Stuart France 
ISBN 9781494785130

Press Release:

The tales of the Mabionogion capture a narrative deeply entwined through the history of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles, drawing on themes that are embedded in the heart of the land. In Crucible of the Sun, the author retells these timeless stories in his own inimitable and eminently readable style. The author’s deep explorationof the human condition and the transitions between the inner worlds illuminate this retelling, casting a unique light on the symbolism hidden beyond the
words, unravelling the complex skein of imagery and weaving a rich tapestry of magic.

Ed’s note: the Mabinogion tales are conflated in this retelling and mixed according to contemporary Irish mythic themes - so be prepared for Pwyll as Prince of
Annwn, Pryderi as Rhiannon’s husband, and Culwch and Olwen weaving in throughout this treatment!

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