The Lie of the Land

Penny Billington reviews 'A Lie of the Land: An Under the Field Guide to the British Isle by Ian Vince 

This is the book I've been waiting for. Believing that magic springs from the soil, that our locality, our region, our land grows us as surely as it does potatoes or grapes, it's always been a fascination that I know so little about the geology of my native land: and then came along this book. Well written, simply explained, in a layman's scientific way that completely engages with the Druid imagination, here's a mouthwatering appreciation:

...takes the reader on an explosive journey across millennia, where continents glide thousands of miles like contestants in Strictly Come Dancing, Scotland swelters on the Equator and Snowdonia boasts a volcanic ring of fire with mountains taller than Everest. And, Everyone who has ever picked up a pebble at the seaside...will find it invaluable.

I concur: highly recommended: please, buy this book.

The Lie of the Land can be purchased here