Gods & Goddesses

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by Winter Cymraes

Brigid: Survival Of A Goddess

by Winter Cymres

I am She
that is the natural
mother of all things,
mistress and governess
of all the elements,
the initial progeny of worlds,
chief of the powers divine,
Queen of all that are in the otherworld,
the principal of them
that dwell above,
manifested alone
and under one form
of all the Gods and Goddesses.

- Lucius Apuleius

st brighid's cross


 by Susa Morgan Black

 Bi Bride bhithe, bhana, leinn.

Cernnunos - Ancient Celtic God

by J. M Reinbold

Cernnunos Sleeps (2)
The Old God sleeps
down in the dark, moist,
odorous underfoot,
Waiting for us
To put down our roots.


by Potia

Morrigan by Laura Cameron


by Honor Johnson