Gods & Goddesses

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Mosaic Minerva of Peace


by Bill Blank

Emily Balivet

The Horned God: An Unofficial Autobiography

by Damh the Bard


The Bavarian Triple Goddess - A Study of the Cult of the Three Bethan

by Eilthireach


In the material provided for the OBOD Druid grade course, there was a picture of the Genii Cucullati, three hooded figures representing a triad of deities. This brought me to think about the Bavarian Bethen, a female triad of later Christian saints rooted in pre-Christian religion.

The Shaper of All and Her Ninefold Aspects

from The Elements of the Goddess,
by Caitlin Matthews

A Circle of Stones

by Erynn Laurie
Devotionals are ritual acts and meditations that are designed to focus your attention on a particular deity or group of deities. These rituals express connections between you and your Gods and Goddesses. They can also be done for Ancestors, as they often are in Shinto and other ‘ancestor worshipping’ religions. Rituals of devotion to land spirits are common in folk religions like the Celtic "fairy faith."

At the King's Stone

from Voices from the Circle

by Caitlin Matthews

Iron on the king's thigh,
Plough in the loam.
Call the maidens to the dance
At the King's Stone.


by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

Hail to my Lady of the twilight, of stillness and sanctuary, who calls and welcomes me into her cool embrace, offering shelter, comfort, stillness and the freedom to simply be.  You of the sacred grove, of the temple, of a quiet room, of calm in chaos;  I honour you with all that I am.

Nemetona's Sanctuary

by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

Sometimes one has to retreat from the world, in order to better understand it.  Finding sanctuary, a sacred space where we can open our souls without fear, where we can simply be, is a glorious experience. It happens a lot less than we need in our lives, in my opinion.

Sacred Sex and The Goddess and God of Beltane

by Maria Ede-Weaving

Lady of the earth’s desire and the earth’s yielding, of the sap rising and the embrace of longing, as the kiss of the sun awakens you, we too are awakened to the yearning of our bodies and souls. As you unfurl each petal, you release the scent of bluebells, may and apple blossom – this is your love song, your call to union – and we too must answer.