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The Harmony Of Wicca And Druidry

by Donata

I'm both a Druid and a Wiccan. These are my very personal feelings about the two pagan paths I'm on and don't reflect what anyone else may feel or believe. I'm a Druid in OBOD. I'm also a Traditional Wiccan, of Gardnerian and Alexandrian lineages.

photo by Dragonwyst

Magick and Science

by Lorraine Hammock

photo by Dragonwyst

Nature's Cathedral

by Mark Townsend

Some Reflections on Druidic Christology

Reflections on Druidic Christology

by Rev. Alistair Bate

My Druid is Christ, the Son of God, Christ, Son of Mary, the Great Abbot, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
St. Columba

Tlachtga and the Ancient Roots of Halloween/Samhain

by Luke Eastwood

Most people have some awareness of the origins of the fire festival of Samhain, the time that is known in common parlance as Halloween. Samhain is the word for November in Gaeilge (Irish) and is thought to be derived from sam-fuin, meaning end of summer.

Walter Baxter

The Tapestry of Life

by Jeremy Edwards, OBOD Druid

"Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment." Buddha

Health and Heritage

by Kennan Elkman Taylor, MD

The Millennium is upon us - though to the academic purists there is a further twelve months to go. It is a time of moving forward which also requires some looking back to see what is still relevant and current for the new era. Because a new era it is, irrespective of the arbitrariness of the Millennium, coupled to a questionable historical event some two thousand years ago.