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Druids in Ancient America?

by Debra L. Lewis

Ogham-Like Rock Etchings Found in Colorado

Our Ancestors

by Ailim

Memories of our loved ones also keep their Spirit alive, as our thoughts ensure that they remain close to us, as we knew them. This aspect of remembering also helps the bereaved overcome their Loss.

The Ancestor Altar

by Donata

The ancestor altar is set up to honour and remember the ancestors, not to worship them. The ancestor altar can become an all-purpose altar and be used for meditations, ceremonies, etc.

Nature, Healing and Retreat

by Kennan Elkman Taylor MD

Gem Healing and the Corresponding Chakras

by Lady Nimue

I would like to start by addressing seven energy centres known as CHAKRAS, and their corresponding colours. I believe these colours and their vibratory rates relate to a selection of healing gems.

The Healing Harp - From Druid Tradition

by Susa Morgan Black

Music is the principle that unites body, soul, and spirit. – Boethius, 6th century philosopher.

What is Celtic Reiki?

by Susa Morgan Black

Celtic Reiki is one of many modern Reiki modalities of energy healing.

Flash of Light - Awaking and Muddling Through

by Hennie Van Geel

It was in 1971, I was 14 years old and it slowly became part of me. What? The light I saw shining around and through the bodies of people I met.

The Birth of Stars - NASA

An Animistic Approach to Dealing with Neurotic Disorders

by Vivienne Manouge

We fear perdition at every death, and death at every birth. - Máire, a spirit guide.