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Dew on Spider Web by Luc Viatour/www.Lucnix,be

Heathen Magic - An Introduction

by Dr Kennan Elkman Taylor 

Soul Therapy

by Dr Kennan Taylor

What is the Soul?

The Cosmic Dance

by Sarah Fuhro

The Cosmic Dance is always available to us for wonder and participation. Sun and Moon create a cycle each twenty-eight days central to our psyches, and to the growth and death of everything on earth.

Stone Friends

by Sue Wookey

Up high on the hill, soft grass bending over nubbles of flint, dark hands
pushing upwards under hawthorn tangles and a grey-snagged sky.

Celtic Buddhism

by Andrew Peers

The Honey Isle

by Chris Park

'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet'
~ Shakespeare

Maybe myth, maybe legend, maybe history… an old Welsh Triad preserved by Geoffrey of Monmouth, tells us that this green and pleasant land I am writing within, when first ever settled, was known as Y Vel Ynys - The Honey Isle.

Constructing the New Society - 'Eight Steps'


by Julian Rose

We who engage in postulating solutions to the dominant issues of this time, use much energy speculating on unknown outcomes. But how much energy do we use in laying the ground for a future of our own making?

How much time do we give to devising the template for the new society we must create?