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Sacred Grove Meditation

by Alastaire MacArthur

I am walking through a forest in the late afternoon sun. It is late August and the leaves, dancing listlessly in the warm breeze, shimmer in the sunlight and rustle, as though whispering secrets to one another.

The Old Man and the Kestrel

by Andrew Cooper-Knight

Following a chance meeting with a truly inspirational druid, I realised the time was right to sign up to the Bardic Grade course.

Finding My Sacred Grove

by Alastaire MacArthur

I have been walking among the hills, forests and woodlands of West Sussex for many years, in fact since 1958 when I was eight years old. (Oh, blast – now you all know how old I am..! LOL)

Shakespeare’s Guide to the Druid Grove: A Study of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merry Wives of Windsor and As You Like It from a Druidic Perspective.

by Elizabeth Cruse 

To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we  ourselves are  
transformed.  It is no accident that in the comedies of Shakespeare, people go 
into the greenwood to grow, learn and change.  It is where you travel to find 
yourself, often, paradoxically, by getting lost. 

Making Sense Of An Out Of Body Experience Through Druidic Theology

by Ritchie Gale

I am a 33 year old Bard in training. My blog which will include experiences along the way is: https://paganheartblog.wordpress.com

Dark Magic

by Stuart Jeffery ~ GreyBeard

Tea Ritual

by Sue Baxter 

I have grown herbs for many years, and use them in cooking, cleaning, for making incense etc. While beginning my studies on the OBOD Ovate course, and after a visit to Chambawallah Teas shop in Birmingham, I felt guided to research, journey and create a tea ritual. I have created my tea mix for a healing ritual. You may create other mixes for maybe tonics or transformation?

An Oaken Daydream

by Em Metz