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Ovate Herbal

by Linda Caddick

Druidry and Fracking

by Stuart Jeffery

I find it hard to believe that many people interested in an Earth centred spirituality are not aware of what ‘fracking’ is, but there are some who may not understand why those of us who campaign against it do so with such vigour.

The Ovate Brewer: A brief discussion of the brewing of beer in Druidry, with a note about mead

by Donna Deeks

…sacred beers…came out of a worldview in which the sacred
is ever present with us, where all things possess a soul
… 1

Bicycling Druids

by Tracy Glomski

The turning of the seasons, the wheeling of the heavens, the many flowerings of the soul: we live in a Universe that is replete with cycles. As a Druid, I am often in a state of wonder at the sheer profusion of turnings and returnings that I encounter in nature. One of my favorite times to contemplate such matters is while I myself am, quite literally, cycling.