First Beltane as a Bard

by Frederick Casey

Oh those wonderful brown packages of light carried on the waves of modern transportation to be cradled in my mail box just waiting for my eager hand to pluck them out with pure delight. Ever so gently I break the seal and remove the contents spreading them out so I can gaze at each article with childish curiosity and an overwhelming sense of Awe. This was just the third OBOD package that I had received, but already they were teaching me how to dance with my Soul. The depths, the lengths that these few lessons had taken me is something that I could not have fathomed in the years prior. Simple, eloquent guides for life. Rituals for my years. A song that I can call my own. Poetry that was written for me.

This third packet of mine gave me the gift of a ritual for Beltane. This is a season that I was familiar with already. The May Pole. The flowers. The month of May holds a special place in my heart anyway. May ushered in the birth of my mother and my daughter whom I named after the Spring Goddess, Maia. I was even married to my beautiful wife during the first week of May. So on top of all that joy that I had already be given by May, I now have a ritual to do that honours her in a way that is most certainly deserving.

I started to read the lessons that my third packet contained and right away the ritual of the dance came out to play. My soul and I twirled around each other in graceful, flowing movements that could have won a blue ribbon in a ball room dance contest. The walls of my domain turned to trees of glory. My carpet grew lush green grass, and my ceiling gave way to a star filled night sky. Then I realized that it was not just me and my soul dancing in my lush, dewy, sacred grove, but another couple had join in as well. Beltane and Samhuinn. Two couples that were of completely different lights. One bright, one dark. Two different temperatures. One hot, one cold. In fact they were different in every way possible, but there they were in front of me. No longer embodied in just a point of time, but as two manifested figures enjoying the same dance as I in our sacred grove. He, Samhuinn, tall, dark and mysterious. She, Beltane, bright and beautiful. My soul and I took a seat on the grass so we could watch this most amazing of dances. The music seemed to be played by the leaves of the willows. A haunting violin melody with a mixture of pure joyous flutes. The flowers swayed as the couple passed. With each step they took the stars grew brighter. Nothing but peace and love radiated from their being. Two elements that were so different came together to complete a circuit that was so whole, so right.

Time again slipped into the world of my grove and the couple, still dancing, faded into the air. The veil lifted. And I again was back in the world that my body inhabits. The grass that I was sitting on turned back to carpet. The Oaks, willows, and elms turned back into the walls of my residents. And my soul once again took up occupancy inside this shell of a man. But the wonder of it all stayed behind to keep me company like it always does. And the dance of it all was still being played inside me, inside you, and inside the world and universe. My wish is that we all find our dance this Beltane.
Peace and Love from my sacred grove.