Modern Druidry

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Vera Chapman

Vera Chapman

by George Knowles

What's In A Word? A Personal Perspective

by Kevin O’Reilly

Awen is a complicated concept and hard to understand. Teaching its meaning is often not clear and imprecise. I can only offer my sense of feeling and, as sure as the wind drifts sand, my own perspective may shift slightly as time moves on. I only know what I feel but only arrogance sets opinions in stone, may I be preserved some such folly.

Awen Revisited - What's In A Word Part 2

by Kevin O’Reilly

Awen is a complicated concept and hard to understand. Teaching its meaning is often not clear and imprecise. Okay, I started like that last time. But it's true.

During the year that has passed since I started the contemplation that lead to the first article I have occasionally read it and questioned it. Usually (on a personal level) I feel that I have said it all. What a fool.

Anna Dillon Frost on Uffington

Sovereignty of the Land: What does this mean, and what is it to us today.

by Shaun William Hayes

So, let’s start with this word Sovereignty. You have all heard it in this context, but what do we really mean. I could have titled this ‘The Importance of the Land’, or ‘The Spirituality of the Land’ etc. These alternatives would not be wrong, but would not convey the same thing.

Jen Delyth

Celtic Reconstructionism

by Helen Graham

Celtic Reconstuctionism: this is the attempt to use archaeological data, records of the time and known history in order to reconstruct ancient Celtic beliefs and practices, to be followed as a religion or spirituality today. This practitioner wishes to resurrect ancient Celtic religion.

Who Are These Bloody Druids?

by Philip Shallcrass

Most Pagans, unless they are hard-core New Agers living permanently in flotation tanks, will have noticed great things happening in the Pagan world over the last few years. Interest in our traditions has never been stronger, and those traditions themselves have been evolving in exciting ways. The magic is growing, and even the formerly enclosed world of Druidry has not been untouched by the huge surge of energy that is revitalising the old/new ways.

Heligan mud maid

Practical Spirituality

by Steve Hounsome

It was recently stated to me that Druidry takes its teaching not from human wisdom, but from Nature. Such a statement reflects a great depth and timelessness in the teaching and inherent wisdom of Druidry and opens for us great vistas of learning from all ages of not only humanity's history but beyond.