Modern Druidry

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The Rise of Druidry

by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

There is a marked increase in the rise people who follow a Druid path and, indeed, all Pagan paths. Why should this be?

Ritual Importance

by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

Truth, Honour, Service.

by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

Druidry can be summed up in three words – truth, honour and service.  Yet these words can be very vague – what do they mean to the Druid?

What Druidry is Not

by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

For me, Druidry is not a white-robed affair.  Crawling under low scrub pines and getting inside secret places of gorse bushes where only the deer trod, or standing on the seashore in the howling rain, or in the heart of the forest with the badgers and mosquitos – it just doesn’t work. 

Modern Druid Nature Mysticism

by Dr Karen Parham

This short article, based on a wider study of Druid mysticism within Western esotericism, examines the factors involved in modern Druid Nature mysticism.

The Cauldron & The Wand: Compassion and Will In The Application of Druidic Ethics

 by Bran Paolo Veneziani

I have taken the time to work because this is the price of success.

I have taken the time to think and meditate because this is the real origin of interior strength.

I have taken the time to love and be loved because this is the privilege and the gift of the Gods.

I have taken the time to play because this is the secret of youth.

'The Book of Life' by David Kracov

Thinking About Story

by Eileen Donaldson

Knowing how stories work is almost all the battle.
~ Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad


Ecotherapy and Druidry

by Harriet Sams

What is ecotherapy and what role could it play in Druidry?