Sacred Sites

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Avebury and the Ridgeway

It is hard to imagine the rigours and the joys our ancestors must have experienced on their travels. Then, as now, they wanted to travel to sacred sites and participate in the festivals there.

Above the modern M4 motorway and the older A4, there runs one of the oldest roads in Europe; it is the Ridgeway and it brought pilgrims from the East to the sacred complex of Avebury, Silbury Hill and West Kennet.



by Philip Carr-Gomm

The Salisbury Plain Training Area has, even for those of us living in Wiltshire, a little of the mystique that the Dark Continent once had for the Victorians: largely unknown, dangerous, but full of interest and known to have concealed within it ancient ruins and traces of lost civilisations.
Ros Cleal, The National Trust

Stonehenge - A View from the Moment

Summer Solstice, 21 June 2000
by Emma Restall Orr

Over the few weeks before the Summer Solstice, I was asked a thousand times what I was expecting to happen on 21 June at Stonehenge, whether I was looking forward to it, whether I would be there at all, not only by friends and colleagues in the Druid community, but also by the media. In truth, my answer was usually filled with a mixture of concern and hope.

Detail of the Cerne Abbas Giant photo Simon Garbutt

The Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset

by Philip Carr-Gomm

Personally I have never felt affronted by the Cerne Giant and have no time at all for the simpering old ladies who cluck-cluck every time they pass it. The only residents I sympathize with are the elderly males or tired Dorchester business men who are constantly reminded by their wives and mistresses en passant of how far short they fall of the splendid male vigour displayed before them.
The Hon. Ophelia Pashley-Cumming

The Long Man Eric Ravilious

Didn't we Have a Luverly Time...the Day we Painted the Long Man!

by Damh the Bard and Cursuswalker

It was Samhain 2001 when I drove past the Long Man of Wilmington and saw that he was looking very grey. So as I drove, I began to think….which is always a bad move because when I start to think things tend to start happening…


by Andy Norfolk

Glastonbury Tor from Chalice Well Gardens photo Ken Grainger


by Philip Carr-Gomm

There is on the confines of western Britain a certain royal island, called in the ancient speech Glastonia, marked out by broad boundaries, girt round with waters rich in fish and with still-flowing rivers, fitted for many uses of human indigence, and dedicated to the most sacred of deities.
St Augustine of Canterbury, 6th cent AD

Iona by Francis Cadell

Iona, Scotland

by Philip Carr-Gomm