Sacred Sites

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Borrowdale from Castle Crag

A lost stone circle in Borrowdale?

by Lesley Elphick & Toby Hindson


A public ritual of Pagans and friends from many paths to protect Albion from fracking is being held at Glastonbury at noon. Over 1500 people have said they will attend, and others are holding ceremonies in different parts of the country, and the world, at the same time. For details of the event go to:

Dunino Den by John Cumming

Dunino Den - Our History in a Nutshell

by John Cumming 

Sacred sites in my opinion should have an incredibly special connection to those who see them as sacred. The site which I feel especially connected to is Dunino Den. Due to its remote location the site remains unheard of to most people but for those who are lucky enough to visit this place the experience is truly magical.

Holystone Well, Northumbria National Park

by Michael Maxwell Steer

What is beyond us? What is it that we reach out to? What is it that sometimes rewards us with a blast of oxygen in a smog-filled world? Bigger than all these questions: why has consciousness evolved in humans to be so blind, destructive and disconnected from its own natural environment?