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Meraylah Allwood

Trees from Druid and Hindu Perspective

by Amanda Knopp

Since beginning to study Druidry, I have naturally been drawn into a deeper understanding of trees. As I'm also very interested in Hinduism, I couldn't help but start to compare and contrast the two belief systems, especially in relation to their respective attitudes to trees. I thought I would try and put some of my thoughts down on paper – provided, of course, by our leafy friends.

photo by Dragonwyst

Old-Growth Air

by Jean Maloof

From Teaching the Trees: Lessons from the Forest by Joan Maloof is a beautifully written and beautifully produced book. Read the first chapter here, which is reprinted by the permission of the University of Georgia Press, then buy the book!
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The Oghams: A New Insight

by Vivienne Manouge

While studying the oghams the other day, I suddenly noticed that the names of the first twenty original oghams, beith and her five, huath and her five, muinn and her five, and ailm and her five, are suggestively like the names of different branches of ancient Celtic society.


by Kernos
Asimina triloba

...pickin' up pawpaws, puttin' 'em in a basket,
way down yonder in the pawpaw patch...

I learned that little ditty when I was a little ditty, singing it on the way to school. I didn't know what pawpaw were then. Most city folks don't. I didn’t actually find and taste a pawpaw until I moved to rural Missouri, some 17 years ago.

Plant a Sacred Grove? No Problem!

by Dave Smith
The Ordeal:
It was quite simple really. We wanted to plant a ring of Yew trees on the South Downs to mark, and rededicate a new Sacred Site for people to enjoy for thousands of years to come - in fact, for us to enjoy in future incarnations. So, we started putting our plans together.

Tree Lore: Apple

by Susa Morgan Black

Botanical name: Pyrus malus or communis
Family: malus/communis
Ogham: Quert
Scots Gaelic: Crann Ubhall, ubhal-fiadhaich, Cuirt
Irish Gaelic: Crann Úll, Aball
Welsh: Afallen; pren afalau, Afal
French: Pomme

The Apple tree is the oldest cultivated tree in Europe. (Haganeder, pg. 177)

Tree Lore: Ash

Ash - Nuin

Names: Nion, Nuin, Nin (pron. Nee-uhn Noo-in )

Cosdad Sida, checking of peace, that is nin, ash n: it is the maw of the weaver's beam as applied to wood: a sign of peace is that. A checking of peace with him is that the ash of the weaver's beam - Word Ogams of Morann Mac Main - The Scholars Primer, Calder, 1917.