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Tree Lore: Beech

by Hawthorn

Beech - Phagos - 

Tree Lore: Birch

by Winter Cymraes

Birch - Beith

I am a Stag of Seven Tines

Tree Lore: Blackthorn

by Susa Morgan Black

Species: Prunus spinosa
Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)
Ogham: Straif (ST), a Chieftain Tree
Scots Gaelic: Draighionn
Irish Gaelic: Draighean
Welsh: Draenen ddu
Astrological Rulers: Saturn and Mars

The Blackthorn tree is esoterically known as both the Mother of the Woods and the Dark Crone of the Woods.


Tree Lore: Elder

by Mara Freeman

Elder - Ruis - 

Tree Lore: Furze

by Fiona Ware

Furze - Onn 
Ulex Europaeus, Ulex Galli, Ulex Minor

I am the blaze on every hill

Tree Lore: Hawthorn

by Mara Freeman

The Hawthorn - Huathe - 

A hundred years I slept beneath a thorn
Until the tree was root and branches of my thought,
Until white petals blossomed in my crown.

From The Traveller by Kathleen Raine

Tree Lore: Hazel

by Mara Freeman

Hazel - Coll - 

I went out to the hazelwood,
Because a fire was in my head.

W. B. Yeats

Tree Lore: Holly

by Mara Freeman

Holly - Tinne - 

Here comes the holly that is so noble!
-Old Carol

Tree Lore: Ivy

by Gwylim O.Davies

English Ivy
(Hedera Helix LINN.)

The plant is found over the greater part of Europe and Northern and Central Asia, and is said to have been particularly abundant at Nyssa, the fabled home of Bacchus in his youth. There are many varieties, but only two accepted species, i.e. Hedera Helix and the Australian species, which is confined to the southern Continent.

—From a Modern Herbal

Tree Lore: Oak

by Mara Freeman

Oak - Duir - 

Choose the Oak of the Sun
-old Scottish rhyme