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Tree Lore: Rowan

by Susa M. Black

Rowan - Luis
Family: Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Botanical Name:(Sorbusaucuparia)
Folk Names: Mountain Ash, Quicken Tree, Witch Tree
Gaelic: Caorann
Irish :Caorthann
Celtic Ogham: Luis
Old Celtic: Kair

Tree Lore: Rowan II

by Winter Cymreus

Rowan - Luis

I am a Wide Flood across a Plain

Tree Lore: Spindle

by Gwylim O. Davies

Euonymous Europaeus
(irish oir - welsh piswydden - ogham OI)

The wood of the spindle tree is bright, colourful and was used to make spindles. With this in mind we can see why it came to embody creative inspiration, purification, initiation and blessings.

The Sacred Sycamore

by Siusaidh NicNeill


Look through your list of Holy Trees, the Tree Alphabet or the Oracle - I bet you won't find a Sycamore there. I always considered them to be weeds. They'd grow on the Moon given half the chance and have taken extremely well to cold acid soils of the North Highlands of Scotland. What kind of tree is this?

Tree Lore: Willow

by Winter Cymreas

Willow - Saille

I am a Hawk on a Cliff

Willow is a decidedly aromatic Tree found most often near waterways throughout temperate regions, having quite a history and a long-standing relationship of usefulness - medicinal, magickal and otherwise - with us humans.

Tree Lore: Yew

by Mara Freeman

Yew - Ioho - 
Patriarch of Long-lasting Woods....

The Howell North Grove

2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Order. Many members are planting Groves to honour this special time. Here is one planted by James and Janet Howell at their home in Cambridge, New Zealand. To view an update and photos of James and Janet's labour of love, please click on the link below...

Wood Wisdom - Walking with the Sacred Trees

by H. Catherine Watling

You follow the path that winds through the ancient forest, or the marches and uplands beyond, in search of the tree whose wisdom you seek...

Is it birch, guide to new beginnings? The faerie rowan? Or willow, tree of moontides and poets? Be silent and listen to the whisperings of aspen. Find the courage of the holly warrior within.