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A Divine Tree Puts On A Glorious Display

by Claire Patterson Valente

A few days ago Neu and I went out on one of our frequent visits to the forest that borders Prainha, it is such a tranquil place and at dawn or dusk the chorus of bird song is truly wonderful to experience. We were on the hunt for wild cashew fruits which are in season now but the main reason for our visit was to see some special trees.

Of Redwoods and Renewal

by Maria Ede-Weaving

‘Nature often offers metaphors more elegant than any we can manufacture, and Muir Woods is no exception. Redwoods have evolved to turn disaster into opportunity. In these coastal forests, death produces life.’   Hope Edelman ~ Motherless Daughters

Nine Sacred Woods: A Druid Walk in the Park

by Steward of the Woods

Druids love trees...right? For many of us, a deep spiritual connection to trees forms the basis for our Druid practice and the answer is yes, we love trees! During our training and spiritual practice, we seek trees and forests with which to make connection.

One Saturday in August 2013, a group of eight Druids gathered to visit the trees, not in a wild forest but in a local City Park. Why did we choose a park?

Arrábida Natural Park

My Sacred Set Of Twenty Four Trees

by Cláudia Loureiro

My name is Cláudia Loureiro, I’m 42 years old, I was born in Angola but I live in Portugal since I was two years old.

Druidess with Mistletoe- Carl Haag

Drualus (Mistletoe) ~ The Sacred Plant of the Druids

by Susa Morgan Black

To read Susa's wonderfully indepth article - with botanical, ogham, healing and magical details and information - please click on the Pdf link below.